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Business  12, Dec 2013

12/12: International Online Shopping Day?

About 20 online retailers in Indonesia and about 230 in India are offering discounts to online shoppers on 12/12, marking it as an international event

The day 12/12 can be marked as the International E-Commerce Day. India and Indonesia marked 12th December (12/12) last year as a day to give huge discounts on online shopping. Both the countries are back with the discounts this year too. While Indonesia calls the day as National Online Shopping Day, India is calling it as the Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF). Encouraged by last year’s response, Google India the creator of GOSF, has extended the festival to December 11 and December 13 too.

The concept takes lead from US’ Cyber Monday (the first Monday after the so-called Black Friday, the day that follows the US Thanksgiving) and China’s National E-Commerce Day on 11/11 (November 11).

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In Indonesia, about 20 online players are participating in the marked event, luring customers with discounts upto 80 per cent and cash back offers. There are additional discounts for mobile purchases. The participating online players are Lazada, Zalora, PinkEmma, Berrybenka, Bilna, Tiket, Reebonz, Traveloka, LivingSocial, Blandja, DamnILoveIndonesia, Qraved, FoodPanda, Bobobo, Luxola, Maskool.in, getScoop, ShopDeca, Lakupon, Sukamart, HijUb, and HotelQuickly.

In India, there are about 230 online retailers participating in the festival. See the entire list of participants on GOSF’s official site.

Magnus Ekbom, Co-founder and CEO of Lazada Indonesia, said that Lazada is raising the discounts than last year – up to 80 per cent and wants to repeat last year’s achievement.

Meanwhile Iwan Tantra, CEO of Pink Emma (Indonesia) expects the sales to be five times than daily average. “Last year’s programme contributed sales three times higher. As for this year, we expect it to get five times higher,” said Tantra.

Will more countries observe 12/12 as a day for more discounts, to make it as an International event?

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Christine Siagian

Christine Siagian

Christine is a life-long digital learner: she spends most of her day and night getting to understand all things about internet! Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, she is interested in research, big data, digital start-up, technology, and entrepreneurship. If she is not working with data, you can find her running on treadmill, on the road, or in the hills. Currently training for ultra marathon this year.

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