2011 saw US$ 7.2 billion worth of Internet investment and acquisition deals in Asia-Pacific

Right Click Capital‘s Internet DealBook sums up the numbers in the Internet industry for 2011. A total of US$ 7.2 billion in deals were made in Asia Pacific and 102 acquisitions in the region with the average deal value at US$ 60.38 million

By Ari Klinger

The Internet DealBook is a repository of information about internet- and technology-related investments and M&A deals. In 2011, a total of US$ 104 billion worth of investments and acquisitions were made, with 2407 deals tracked from public sources.

The Asia Pacific region had a total of US$ 7.2 billion in deals with an average deal value of US$ 60.38 million. That’s about seven percent of the total global deals. The number of deals made in Asia Pacific, totaled to almost 10 percent of the global deals made, at 230 deals.

China and India came in as  the top Asian countries with the most deals, ranking global fourth and fifth respectively. China saw a total of US$ 3.7 billion in deals with an average of US$ 103.01 million per deal whereas India had a total of US$ 1.8 billion in total deals and an average deal value of US$ 63.26 million.

The total investment value into the Internet industry in Asia Pacific was US$ 4.1 billion in 2011 with an average deal value of US$ 43.86 million. The Asia Pacific region received 128 deals of the 903 global public deals made.

For acquisitions, the Asia Pacific region saw a total acquisition value of US$ 3.1 billion with an average deal value of US$ 104.12 million. The region had a total of 102 acquisitions in the year 2011 out of the 1504 global public acquisitions.

Software and Services was the sector that pulled in the most deal value, US$ 59.8 billion, followed by Hard and Infrastructure and Marketing, US$ 12.6 billion and US$ 9 billion respectively. However, even though the total investments into the Software and Services sector tops the other sectors at US$ 6.7 billion, the average deal value is far behind the e-commerce, transactions, games, hardware & infrastructure and media sectors.

For more information on the investment and acquisition deals made in the Internet industry in 2011, check out the full Internet DealBook report by Right Click Capital below.

Internet DealBook Annual Report 2011
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Ari is a longstanding member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, as well as the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCAL). Ari is a mentor at the Founder Institute (Sydney) and JFDI (Singapore).

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