2013 in a snaphot: Who got what investment in Indonesian tech industry


e27 compiles some big investments made in the digi-tech industry in Indonesia in 2013. Many of these are Round 1 and 2, reflecting maturity of the market

The year 2014 looks a great year for the startup and investment scenario. Our hypothesis is based on the encouraging investments that the digi-tech industry in Indonesia got in 2013. With funding of more than US$500million coming alone from European investment company, Rocket Internet, it speaks a lot about the confidence the company has in the market. Yet, the market has its own challenges — talent shortage, which is leading to a churn in the industry, a headache for HR professionals leading to unreasonable salaries.

As we expect the market to mature further in 2014, here’s a snapshot in an infographic form of how Indonesia’s startup and investment scenario looked like in 2013:

Click on the image to have a larger view:

Startuo-Investment scenario in indonesia in 2013

* Data collated from e27 Archives and other news sources

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