5 startups in Thailand you need to watch out for in 2014


These are the hottest startups in Thailand and are projected to grow rapidly during the second half of 2014. Who are they?


Are you prepared enough to be in the Asian Economic Community or AEC? If not, you’d better be because many new startup businesses are launching in Thailand. Situated in Southeast Asia, another continent that is rich in natural resources, Thailand attracts investors and travellers in a mass amount yearly. It is a certainly a continent that you should keep an eye on!

This will be more so especially when AEC begins, as it will attract a lot of business, both online and offline. Thailand is very advanced in technology these days, which of course attracts many online platform businesses. Everywhere you go, you see young children, students, workers, and elders using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops! Today we would like to introduce you to some eye-catching online startups that are predicted to boom in Thailand this year.

1. HotelQuickly


HotelQuickly is a last minute hotel booking service in Asia Pacific. It is available through a mobile application on smartphones and tablets. This year, HotelQuickly aims to quicken its product development and online marketing, hiring talented employees to secure its lead in the region. The application is available on iOS, Android and Blackberry 10.

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2. Lamudi


Lamudi is an online real estate that is launching this year in Thailand. A part of Rocket Internet, Lamudi is currently operating in more than 25 countries across the globe, including Latin America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. The company’s goal is to empower consumers with the most updated and effective information with close contact with developers, agents and landlords.

3. Bookup.Asia


Wellness and beauty in Thailand is a very attractive sector, and Bookup.asia has seen this opportunity. Bookup.asia is focussed on small and medium businesses, providing an online CRM solution. Its books and calendar help organise the company’s schedules and daily operation to be more efficient. While for consumers, using Bookup.asia, they can look for a certain service in a specific location in a easier way.

4. Foodpanda


Another venture of Rocket Internet, Foodpanda has recently launched in Thailand and is a startup to keep an eye on. Offering an easy food ordering process for busy people, Foodpanda gives people the convenience of having food at any time, a particularly important service in the city that never sleeps like Bangkok!

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5. Freelancer


After growing in Philippines and Indonesia, Freelancer is ready to go to Thailand and support local Thai startup businesses. Freelancer was founded in 2009, and already had over 50,000 users not long after their launch. Currently,it is holding many projects with nine million users worldwide.


Paully is a tourism student that is passionate in technology and startup businesses. She has been traveling around both in Thailand and abroad and enjoying her time on the beach. She spends most of her time on the internet learning and updating new trends.

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  • arthus

    Lol. Great selection but Foodpanda launched early in 2012 in Thailand.

  • Tong W. Ratanapan

    Misleading title…

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    bookup quite new!!!!

  • Dave

    I can see that only one out of 5 from the list is originated from Thailand.

  • chris

    lamundi has no office here yet. None of the startups has Thai founders.

  • http://www.inoover.com/ Lok Sarath

    lolzzz…. seem most of them are in the future to be located in Thailand. :D

  • Eric


    Have you heard about Delishop ?
    it’s the first genuine online supermarket in Thailand. The virtual supermarket and its home delivery service will be launched on January.
    Its selection is entirely composed of European food and beverages products.
    We can help them to complete the product selection by filling out this questionnaire : http://bit.ly/delishop
    I think it could be a startup to follow also…