9 startups survive the test of fire to pitch at Japan Satellite


Danny of SixReps pitching at Echelon 2011

With the high number of quality applications for the Japan Satellite, the startups were put through a preliminary round and 9 startups were selected to pitch tomorrow at the main Japan Satellite.

The Japan Satellite kicked off with the Preliminaries today at the Open Network Labs’ offices today. With 17 startups from Japan and Korea pitching their products, the panel of judges were tasked to shortlist 12 companies to pitch at the main Japan Satellite. The final 12 Japan Satellite startups are:

L is B – a Twitter client that analyzes tweets and emphasizes feelings

MakeLeaps – cloud computing and invoicing

Bluem – a joint purchase site for movie tickets

Between – mobile app for couples

Hungry – a meal-buddy matching app

Spothon – a public viewing app for sport fans

Beatrobo – a social music community

Snapdish – a food sharing smartphone app

Panoplaza – a panorama virtual shop tool

Catch these 9 startups pitching, together with the keynote presentations at the Japan Satellite. Full agenda and registration can be done here.

Joash Wee

Joash is passionate about tech startups and building the technopreneur community. While completing his undergraduate business degree, he decided to take a programming class just for kicks. Fortunately for him, he managed to scrap a pass and it now helps him get by with the geek talk. When he is not discussing about startups or the latest technologies, you can find him reading off his Kindle or taking photos with silver halide salts, old school.

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