Anti-piracy law to come into effect in Singapore end-August 2014


More sites that show a blatant support for piracy will go down, if content creators lodge complaints with internet service providers


Earlier this week, the Parliament of Singapore approved a proposed copyright law, which will come into play this end-August, according to the Straits Times.

The law, which was first proposed and debated in April 2014, has potentially deep implications. Going forward, content owners can now seek High Court orders to obtain permission from internet service providers (ISPs) like SingTel, StarHub, M1 and MyRepublic, to ban websites that “clearly and flagrantly infringe” on copyright, read the same report.

If ISPs do not comply with taking down such content, content owners can sue for copyright infringement or seek out an injunction against these firms. However, some netizens have called this law out as “futile”, since such content can still be accessed via workarounds like virtual private networks (VPN).

In addition, websites that display a blatant support for piracy, like The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents, are being targeted, and will be blocked when the act kicks in next month.

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Elaine Huang

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  • Ola

    Oh noes! =(

  • Keith Lam

    Extremely futile move because people will still be able to download through other methods. Think about it, Singapore. You banned so many porn sites but people are still watching porn. SUPER FUTILE!

    But maybe it’s good. People will know more about vpns and we will no longer be the sheltered country that we are.

  • Lex

    I only know about pirate bay but after reading this informative article, I know about kickass torrent and vpn. thanks for the info. Banning nlb books isn’t enough, now it’s banning websites. Can sg move more backwards?

  • Dave

    Just use VPN laaa !

    I use and have no problem with accessing blocked sites and anonymity.