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Elizabeth Tan

Elizabeth Tan

A graduate from NUS and an alumnus of NUS Overseas College India, Elizabeth has written for several online publications ranging from community, to fitness and now, e27. Ever since her stint in India, she found herself increasingly interested in startups and wanting to immerse herself further into its ecosystem. She used to own her own blogshop and now co-runs a tech company. Elizabeth is also a certified yoga instructor, specializing in Ashtanga yoga and loves all things Thai. Sometimes, she even wishes she were Thai.

Latest by Elizabeth Tan

No lost kids any more; Beluvv creates Guardian to keep a track of kids

Despite parents trying to be as vigilant as they can, about 8 million children get lost every year. Guardian, a device created by Beluvv hopes to tackle the problem
News 5
18, Oct 2013

PropertyGuru launches US$800K campaign to educate property seekers

Also known as "Get the Guru view", this new initiative aims to empower property seekers to make better property decisions.
News 16
1, Oct 2013

Can’t find the chords for your indie songs? Try Chordify

Tapping onto SoundCloud and Youtube, Chordify extracts high quality chords for you to practice and play. It also has a beat aligned interface so you can get groovy.
News 22
27, Sep 2013

The Tokyo Game Show breaks another record

Every year, the Tokyo Game Show has broken attendance records. In 2013, it reached a new high of 270,197 visitors, almost 50,000 more than last year.
News 12
25, Sep 2013

Skype just turned 10! Any birthday wishes?

Ever since Skype was invented, many incredible things have happened. This article commemorates some of these amazing stories and the many more to come.
News 22
13, Sep 2013

Would you stop smoking to save up for a holiday? 25% of Asians would

According to a survey conducted by TripAdvisor, Asian consumers are most willing to make lifestyle sacrifices for holidays.
News 28
11, Sep 2013

Do you have more than the average of 25 mobile apps installed?

A recent report suggests that the average smartphone user has 25 apps installed. South Korea tops the chart at 40 apps with only 2.7 of paid apps.
News 53
9, Sep 2013

These cab drivers will make sure you never leave anything behind

No, we are not talking about a kind and honest bunch of cab drivers. We're talking about a technology that these cab drivers drive on board.
News 17
6, Sep 2013

Not sure if you need a doctor? Try self-diagnosis app, Haamor

With a ratio of three doctors for every 10,000, Thailand is in lack of doctors. Therefore, the team behind Thailand's top healthcare site created this app.
News 17
5, Sep 2013

Dieting goes high-tech and social with this new app

Also known as DietParty, this app combines traditional and contemporary dieting methods to make dieting more relevant and possibly more successful too.
News 17
3, Sep 2013

Quick consumer insights app, Fastinflow wins DTAC Wizard of Apps

Held at the DTAC office Bangkok, the Wizard of Apps is an accelerate program initiated by Thai telco dtac to motivate the young innovators of Thailand.
News 24
30, Aug 2013

What every marketer should know about the Asian Internet user

This article summarizes what every digital brand marketer outside should know and often find hard to know - the right target audience.
News 89
26, Aug 2013

Beware: Your employee could be a malicious insider

According to statistics, your employee could be threatening your company security with malicious spear phishing and malware.
News 13
21, Aug 2013

Singaporeans can now make AXS payments on their mobile

No more excuses for late bill payments. The AXS app is now on your mobile for quick and easy payment services.
News 42
20, Aug 2013

Your Facebook likes may be more revealing than you think

If you liked Morgan Freeman's voice on Facebook, you just might have a higher IQ than the average person.
News 26
19, Aug 2013

At 21M users, Facebook Japan is now planning to double its sales force

Managing Director of Facebook Japan, Atsushi Iwashita, disclosed that it now has 21 million monthly active users, up from the 19 million in February 2012.
News 29
15, Aug 2013

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