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Five reasons why you should give Nokia X a chance

Five reasons why you should give Nokia X a chance

Are you sold on Nokia’s Android device yet? Here are five reasons why we think you should give it a shot At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, Nokia officially unveiled its Nokia X series, which runs a forked version of Android. This move was met with both, optimism and skepticism. It was seen

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Is being in Asia a disadvantage for startups?

In some cases, it could be, although OnlinePianist CEO Nimrod Cohen advises entrepreneurs to find their strengths Is being in Asia a disadvantage for startups? This particular argument has been raised time and again. While there are opportunities specific to the region (or any other region for that matter) that would be ripe for the

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Philippines’ central bank advises due diligence on Bitcoin use

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has warned Bitcoin users to research more on the virtual currency to learn about its risks Bitcoin is on the rise, both as a means of monetary exchange and as an investment instrument. The crypto-currency is extremely volatile, however, and is sensitive to market forces. Just recently, in the wake of

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Online learning platform Khawna aims to ‘make everyone employable’

Pivoting with online learning platform Khawna, Orange Apps aims to make everyone employable through courses delivered on the web and mobile “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance,” said former Harvard University President Derek Bok. While many states espouse the value of education — to the extent of offering supposedly free access — not

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Best value does not mean ‘cheap': MoneyMax.PH Co-founder

MoneyMax.PH Co-founder and VP Quentin Bouche shares a peek into the mind of the Filipino consumer, whom he describes as brand loyal, trusting There are two facets to brand loyalty — it’s good for businesses that have already established a regular base of returning customers; however, when competition wants a slice of the pie, there

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imo CEO Ralph Harik explains decision to drop 3rd party IM support

Cross-network messaging service imo drops support for 3rd party chat networks. e27 interviews Co-founder & CEO Ralph Harik to gain insight started in 2005 as a web-based application for accessing multiple chat platforms. While desktop-based apps were the norm during that time, imo enabled users to chat using multiple profiles under one central interface.

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[Updated] Deal sites and surcharges: Who is accountable?

With e-commerce services on the rise in Southeast Asia, is there a need for better regulation of deal prices and surcharges? The article has been updated with additional clarifications from Cash Cash Pinoy Co-founder and CEO Frederic Levy. Mobile and online commerce are promising industries in 2014 in Southeast Asia, where a reported US$638 million

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After iOS launch, Chaatz now available for Android users too

Chaatz launches Android app; Co-founder Arnie Chaudhuri talks to e27 about the company’s mission to connect everyone in the world Facebook’s US$19 billion acquisition of chat app WhatsApp shook the startup world by storm in the past week, and the implications still reverberate today. The biggest question, of course, is whether the chat platform was

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Nokia X is official: Is Android ‘Plan B’ for Nokia and Microsoft?

Nokia has formally launched its latest Nokia X smartphone series, which runs a forked version of Android In the weeks leading up to the Mobile World Congress that just kicked off in Barcelona today, Nokia had been rumored to have an Android device in the works. Code-named ‘Normandy’, the device was supposedly a mid-range four-incher

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“Bitcoin bypasses state controls and taxation”

CARTES Asia’s Michael Weatherseed says Bitcoin is innovative, but its future is unclear, with various countries approaching it differently Bitcoin is certainly on the rise, both as a means of monetary exchange, as well as an investment instrument. The value of the cryptocurrency has risen from an average of US$2:BTC1 in 2011 to a high

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Steve Jobs killed Flash: IM Creator CEO Jonathan Saragossi

The Founder and CEO of Israel-based WYSIWYG website builder IM Creator shares his thoughts on the apps vs. mobile website debate Apple users would be aware of how the company is not too keen on supporting Flash. In one of the major OS X releases, Flash was actually excluded from the out-of-the-box experience, rendering many

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Chaatz wants seamless chatting across smartphones and feature phones

Founded by the team that built Facebook’s mobile app for feature phones, Chaatz comes with profiles to differentiate private and work chats If LINE’s recent earnings report is any indication, mobile messaging apps are now a lucrative business, especially with the rise of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. More than simply messaging, chat


Applications are ‘not secure by default': Checkmarx CTO Maty Siman

Siman, in an exclusive chat with e27, talks about app security, challenges of sophisticated malware and why Israel is called ‘Silicon Wadi’… There has been an increased interest in privacy and security topics, particularly after former CIA contractor Edward Snowden’s disclosures that the US government is actively monitoring both citizens and foreigners through a mix

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With new funding and tech mentorship, RocketLabs seeks pilot market

The enterprise courseware startup is actively seeking a pilot market after gaining substantial investment from Silicon Valley entrepreneur Manila- and Hong Kong-based startup RocketLabs Software zoomed into the Philippine startup scene at the run up to e27’s Echelon in 2013. As a finalist at the Philippines Satellite that year, the startup’s Co-founder and CEO Dann Angelo

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Viber launches free IDD calls from the Philippines for Haiyan victims

Viber has launched a free IDD calling service for Philippine users in the wake of super-typhoon Haiyan. The ViberOut service ‘May be’ launched for everyone soon Tropical storm Haiyan (Philippine name: Yolanda) has devastated several islands in the central part of the Philippine archipelago, with the death toll feared to reach 10,000 in Tacloban City

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Tiny Pipes project to power off-the-grid households in the Philippines

An MIT-educated social entrepreneur plans to build the world’s biggest pre-paid solar-powered energy network connected through cellular phones The Philippines, in 2008, enacted into law the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA), amid widespread power shortages and forecasted fast economic growth rates. However, after five years, the regulatory structure necessary to adequately implement and support