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SG Malls- Database of the malls in Singapore

SG Malls was published by 2359 Media Pte Ltd on 19th November 2010. It claims itself as Singapore’s most popular mall directory on the mobile and boasts of having the most up-to-date and most extensive store listings and mall maps for all Singapore’s most popular malls. It is available on the iPhone devices, Android devices and WP7.

Apple Bin – test your physics!

Apple Bin is a game that is developed by EscapeDevelopment, Daniel Spruce. This game is available on the Windows Marketplace and was officially released in May 2011. The objective of the game is simple. There is a bin and you are to shoot an apple into it, taking into account the obstacles that stand in

Catch SG Buses without breaking into sweat!

SG Buses is a mobile guide for public buses in Singapore. It is developed by Hon Cheng Muh who is a mobile developer at buUuk Pte Ltd. Some of the features that are being listed in the description portion in the marketplace include: Bus arrival time for SBS and some SMRT buses Browse nearby bus

The new Mango: Is it sweet?

This post will be integrating an app review (AroundYou) in conjunction with a short discourse about the newly launched Windows Mango operating system. AroundYou is an app developed by Chris Ismael with the ability to show the user directions to Foursquare-registered establishments in the user’s vicinity using the WP7 location-based services. It has features of

Samsung-MDA Call-for-Proposal for development of educational smart TV apps

On 26th September 2011, Samsung Electronics and the Interactive Digital Media Programme Office (IDMPO) held a Call-for-Proposal briefing at Genexis Theatre, Fusionopolis. The briefing is part of a joint call-for-proposal by both companies that looks into the development of educational TV apps for the Samsung Smart TV platform and ecosystem. Both Samsung Electronics and IDMPO

Ouch! Did you just Pinch me?

*Pinch* Messenger is the latest mobile app product from Affle to hit the market, serving Apple, Andriod, BlackBerry, Nokia, WinPhone 7, and all other phone models. *Pinch* Messenger profess to have the following features: Pinches- Message using 475+ emoticons and 3D animations. Share pictures. People- Pinch friends everywhere. Places- Locate friends nearby on maps using

Affle Team Photo

“Don’t be blindly in love with your idea, be ready to adapt and change.”

Anuj Khanna Sohum, the founder of Affle is a serial entrepreneur. To date, he has started 3 companies with Affle being his latest company. Anitus Technologies, Sohum’s first company, was acquired by the publicly-listed Malaysian conglomerate MCSB and rechristened myMCSB. His second company, SecLore, which dealt with information security, was acquired by Herald Logic in


Tell me where to go for food!

buUuk is a search engine app for eateries and it is marketed as the ideal guide to the ever-changing food and drink scene, boasting a database listing of various types of cuisines from countries including and not restricting to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, South Africa and even North Korea. This app was developed by a


iSTART:ACE to be a pilot grant scheme by IDA

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has recently launched a pilot grant scheme called iSTART:ACE (Accelerate & Catalyse Entrepreneurship) that would support the development of ICT products/ solutions that leverage on international technologies. The grant scheme consists of funding support up to 50% of salaries of five technical staff for a year, and the

The HERO that would redefine global healthcare

The search is on for a HERO (Health Enterprise/Entrepreneur Revolution Officer) with the most innovative idea for a mobile healthcare application that will redefine global healcare. Borderless Healthcare Group Inc. is the organiser of this competition that would see the winner undergo a USD $25,000 ( S$30,200) incubation program managed by a multi-disciplinary team of

The fashion capitals: London, Paris, Milan, New York City and Clozette.

The question is: “What could a meal yield?” For Roger Yuen and his dinner company Chua Chiang Meng, Kersie Koh and Cheryl Tan, the answer is the fruition of a business concept that has so much potential, they invested S$ 300,000 to set it up in August 2010. It was then that Clozette was thus born. Clozette is a