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News  5, Jul 2013

BarCampSaigon aims to draw a thousand of Vietnam’s top talent


BarCampSaigon is one of the hottest events here in Ho Chi Minh City. Organizers say they’re hoping for at least a thousand people in attendance.

Hearing that I would be missing out on the biggest event in town, BarCampSaigon 2013, I scheduled a meeting with two of the organizers, Anh-Minh Do and Tomo Huynh at Saigon Hub to understand more about what they’re up to. The event’s format goes like this: it will start this Sunday, July 7, kicking it off with presentations and sharing in the morning, followed by networking in the afternoon and lots of beer chugging in the evening.

To date, over 2,500 have signed up to attend the localized event and about 90 speakers have registered. The beauty of “BarCamps” is that anyone can be a speaker, because everyone has a story to tell and a message to share. According to Anh-Minh and Tomo, the number of attendees has been increasing every year. In 2008, there were around 200 who attended the “unconference”. In 2010, it recorded about 450 individuals. And last year, BarCampSaigon saw 800 attendees. Will this year see 1,000 walking through the doors of RMIT University in Ho Chi Minh City? The answer here is another question in itself – why not?

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After all, the Vietnam ecosystem is beaming with potential, and while BarCamp isn’t restricted to just entrepreneurs or techies (or both), most of the ones coming hold setting up close to their heart. But when such events happen all the time and get crowds riled up over sharing and speaking, what is truly important, as mentioned by Anh-Minh, is that this is not merely a matter of hype. Once the hype subsides, things can’t just go back to how they were. Money has to start flowing in. People have to start finding partners and co-founders, employees and investors.

This sort of sharing also leads to some sort of serendipity where attendees understand things they never even thought they would hear about. Tomo also expressed this in the promo/educational BarCampSaigon YouTube video: “Every time I go, I get some kind of deep insight into some random topic that I didn’t know much about before.”

There are iOSAndroid and Windows apps made just for this event, and according to the official BarCampSaigon Twitter account, BlackBerry might just come onboard next year if there is a demand for it. Catch the organizers in this YouTube video below:

Elaine Huang

Elaine Huang

Elaine is a fervent believer that if there ever is a zombie apocalypse, we will all be snapping away at them with our phones and posting them onto Instagram. A Mass Communication graduate of Ngee Ann Polytechnic's School of Film and Media Studies, she enjoys writing about technology and entrepreneurs. When not hashtagging her way through all sorts of trouble, Elaine is probably contemplating how to write in the third person.

  • Zzinged

    Umm… In the headline it should be talents, not talent. And “BarCampSaigon is no doubt –the– one of the hottest events here in Ho Chi Minh City”

    #corrections #givecoffeetotheeditor

  • http://twitter.com/joashweecikai Joash Wee

    Talent is the correct use as it’s a collective noun. Noted on the second sentence, simplified it. Thanks for the tip.

  • http://litford.net/ brian

    Hi Zzinged, actually, I believe “Talent” in this case is used as a collective noun, meaning that the ‘s’ is unnecessary.

    Example: The human resource company only recommends that brightest talent.

    And BarCampSaigon does sound amazing! Always great to have so many talented people gather together and gain the inspiration to change things.

  • Zzinged

    I was only pointing out that there was an extra the in that sentence. The author wrote ‘the one of the hottest’ where it should have been either ‘the hottest’ or ‘one of the hottest’.

    As for the word ‘talent’, you seem to be a bit mixed up.

    If you use ‘talents as a collective noun then it
    is uncountable. ‘Vietnam’s top talent’ is correct because the number of people is unspecifed. However, since the headline specified one thousand people, ‘talents’ should be used.

    For example, you would say ‘the thousand best Americans’, not ‘the thousand best American’.

  • John Strand

    Zzinged is correct. In this case, the issue in question is not whether “talent” is correctly a collective noun (which it is, btw). The issue in this case is whether or not it is a countable noun. Something like this would be correct:
    …aims to draw a large portion of Vietnam’s top talent

    However, you have added “1,000″. Consider this:
    The consumer show had a stand advertising 20 different cheese.
    The consumer show had a stand advertising 20 different cheeses.

    BTW, I am American and have been an English and composition professor for 10 years.

  • tomosaigon

    Hey there’s an even worse typo! My name is spelled wrong! ;-)

  • Elaine Huang

    Hey Tomo,

    Sorry about that. Fixed it :)

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