Big Data analytics service QSearch wins Echelon Taiwan Satellite 2014


Get a better click-through rate with Facebook Ads. This startup might just be your solution to reaching the correct crowd

Israeli American professor Dan Ariely once said, “Big Data is like teen sex. Everybody is talking about it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.” But it seems one Taiwanese startup wants to change that perception.

Enter Dolyman, a company whose key product, a Big Data analytics service QSearch is helping marketers better understand their fans on Facebook. Not surprisingly, it won the hearts of the judges at Echelon Taiwan Satellite 2014 last Tuesday.

The judges at the Satellite included Thaddeus Koh, COO and Co-founder, e27; Kuanhua Hsu, Principal, GREE Ventures; Yasuhiko Yurimoto, President and CEO, Global Brain; and Mark Hsu, General Partner, Pinehurst Advisory.

What QSearch does is simple. It offers business owners, who already use Facebook ads, with a Google AdWord styled ad targetting service.

In the past, marketers operated their advertising based on demographics and social profiles (26-year-old female with a high possibility of liking Product XYZ, or your friend ‘likes’ Product XYZ so you must like it too). “Both are old marketing assumptions, so the marketers who are classically trained (those who have not bothered to understand social media) use the same type of content and message strategy, so their low click-through rate is not really a surprise,” said Roger Do, International Business Development, QSearch.

Currently, QSearch can help businesses find an audience based on keywords. For example, if someone talks a lot about acne problems, he or she could be marketed skincare products. Basically, it’s finding a need and meeting it without having to target a million people.

Do added, “We are gaining traction in (the) startup community needing Facebook to find early adopters and test assumptions. People use QSearch because we deliver 16 times more effective click-through rates on Facebook Ads than their own ads. So we help them turn a bottomless money pit that is traditional Facebook Ads into a realistic and profitable lead generation funnel.”

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The three-month old company will be preparing for Echelon by targeting big players as clients and hitting revenue targets. “With our early profit traction, we feel (that) we only have to let the result (revenue growth) speak for itself as Echelon,” said Do.

People’s Choice
The hearts of the audience, on the other hand, were captured by AdLocus, an location-based advertising platform launched by Hyxen Technology.

“We saw many Taiwanese startups being really smart this year. Instead of just pitching in Taiwan, they are also travelling into Japan and Singapore to pitch directly to regional investors,” shared Koh of e27. One example would be Taiwanese startup iChef who won the Echelon Japan Satellite 2014 award.

Pinehurst Advisors is an investor in Optimatic Pte Ltd, the parent company of e27

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