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News  3, Jan 2013

Big data gets big boost in South Korea with new BellaDati Seoul office

Big data analytics firm BellaDati opens its first international office in Seoul, and offers cloud-based data analytics to enterprises and businesses.

Cloud-based big data analytics and reporting firm BellaDati has opened its first international office in Seoul, South Korea after an overwhelming response from local businesses. BellaDati CEO Martin Trgiňa says the startup has been experiencing huge interest from companies in various industries barely six months since its participation at the beSuccess startup event in July 2012.

BellaDati is an agile analytics and reporting cloud tool reinventing the way how business users interact with business data. Data can be visualized through web browsers or mobile devices through eye-catching dashboards. BellaDati offers both on premise and cloud version and was originally founded as enterprise software integrator by Martin Trgiňa in Prague, Czech Republic.

Customers in Korea will be served with analytical and integration services, while fully supported from BellaDati’s local headquarters. With its new local presence, businesses get the choice of leveraging on-premise versions or accessing BellaDati exclusively in the cloud. Newly appointed country manager Mr. Ko Kiwon is confident that the company’s services will be a good fit for a wide array of verticals. “[C]ompanies from telco, broadcasting or on-line gaming can utilize BellaDati agile data analytics right ahead.”

Big data became a hot trend in 2012, with various industries considering big data analytics a big part of their business. These involve different activities, such as retail customer management, social networking, advertising, and the like. With BellaDati’s expanded presence in the region, Korean and other Asia Pacific firms have more options in handling big data concerns.

Winnie Nelson

Winnie Nelson

Winnie is currently a TESL undergraduate from the University of Malaya. She used to write English articles for a number of Malaysian newspapers and has won several awards for her writing. Passionate in languages, she speaks several Chinese dialects, as well as English and Bahasa Malaysia. Currently a distinction class student, she aspires to undergo a fast-track program and receive her PhD by the age of 27. A black belt holder in TaeKwonDo and a fan of good bubble milk tea.

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