Brave Frontier publishers to file for IPO before 2014 ends


CEO Hironao Kunimitsu has yet to reveal which country Gumi Inc will file it in; Brave Frontier series will be turned to an anime

Gumi wishes to go IPO before the year ends. Also, Brave Frontier may be an anime. Image credit: Gumi

Gumi wishes to go IPO before the year ends. Also, Brave Frontier may be an anime. Image credit: Gumi

Gumi has been doing alright thanks to its current money-making Japanese role-playing game Brave Frontier. The title seems to be picking up lots of traction on the iOS and Android market based on recent stats from March; truth be told, collecting random party members and combating enemies Valkyrie Profile-style is fun.

With recent news, things are getting bigger for the Japan-based publisher. CEO Hironao Kunimitsu revealed during a panel at Startup Asia Singapore 2014 that Gumi plans to go for an Initial Public Offering by the end of 2014. However, he has yet to disclose which country he will file the IPO in. At this point in time, the company is stated to be worth around US$160 million; Kunimitsu did not state an exact figure, but said, “We’re not a cheap company.”

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Gumi is planning to expand its RPG Brave Frontier beyond the smartphone; the company will launch a TV anime series based on the franchise. No animation or production studio has been announced for this upcoming project yet, though with the money it’s garnering from its RPG, it wouldn’t be a stretch to hire top-tier houses such as Production I.G and Madhouse Inc.

For more on Kunimitsu and Gumi, check out e27’s interview with the CEO. 

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