[Breaking] The Luxe Nomad closes Tigris Capital funding


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Luxury traveling site, The Luxe Nomad, signs investment deal with Tigris Capital at Echelon 2012.

Echelon 2012 just wrapped up its second day and it seems like it isn’t just the exhibiting startups that are getting deals done. The Luxe Nomad, a startup founded by model-turned-entrepreneur Stephanie Chai, just announced the close of a funding round from Tigris Capital. The final agreement was sealed at Echelon 2012 today.

The Luxe Nomad will launch their travel flash sales services in the coming months. The undisclosed investment round came from Tigris Capital and SPRING Singapore. Tigris Capital is also an investor in PropertyGuru, who recently secured a S$60 million investment, Tickled Media and Game Ventures.

According to Stephanie, “a start-up begins with an idea, is built by a team but truly grows from funding. We’re very excited to be working with Tigris Capital and SPRING as we share the same vision of changing the travel industry in Asia”.

The Luxe Nomad’s investment deal is among some of the exciting developments for travel startups. The regional travel space is definitely heating up with the recent Wego acquisition for Valadoo and also other upcoming startups like TripFlick and Flocations.

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