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Technology  17, Jul 2014

Can Soundwave change the way you share music?

Dubbed as the ‘Instagram of music’, the app Soundwave can help share songs instantly with friends in a group chat

Once you’ve used music-streaming apps such as Spotify and Deezer one too many times, what’s the next best thing to do and possibly create? A third-party app that lets you take playlists from these sources and compile it onto a group chat, of course.

Music app Soundwave, dubbed as the ‘Instagram of music’, now has an ace up its sleeve: the Instant Music Messenger update that is live right now. Users who have the Soundwave app can now share songs instantly with friends in a group chat. They can either search for any song to share, or pick a song from their listening history from other apps like Spotify, YouTube and so forth. It’s platform-agnostic, so you can have songs from Deezer opened up at one point, and then have someone else open another bunch of tunes in Rdio.

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The interaction and group sharing bits was the biggest feedback users gave to Soundwave about its app. It got over one million downloads in 190 countries with US$0 spent on marketing.

What else is new? Well, it also has a group playlist function that only friends and invited users can see, as well as a smart recommendations system that finds people with the same musical tastes as you. Unfortunately, the update won’t be solving regional restriction issues: so if you want to share Song A that’s not available at a good buddy’s country, the onus is on the streaming service. Boo….

So how does this benefit Asian music lovers everywhere? Well, apps like LINE and KakaoTalk already have games and fun ways to get people together beyond a chat app: why not music? After all, the app is localised for the Japanese and Korean markets too; a rather fitting move seeing as a major chunk of the world go gaga over K-Pop and/or J-Pop for some bizarre reason.

Jonathan Toyad

Jonathan Toyad

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