CatchThatBus raises funding from Jungle Ventures


The amount has not been disclosed; the online bus-ticketing service says it will use the funds to take over the US$310M market in Malaysia, Singapore

The CatchThatBus app brings up bus routes and prices from services like Nice. Image credit: Nice

The CatchThatBus app brings up bus routes and prices from services like Nice. Image credit: Nice

Malaysia- and Singapore-based travel agent service CatchThatBus has announced that it has raised funding from Jungle Ventures, National Research Foundation Holdings and angel investors.

The company told e27 that the funds will be used to take over the MYR 1 billion (US$310 million) intercity bus ticketing market in the aforementioned two countries. At this point in time, the company has not disclosed the amount raised.

CatchThatBus CEO and Co-founder Viren Doshi said that this raise in funds is due to meeting online bus-ticketing demands for consumers who use more smartphones and tablets these days; that particular market is “outstripping that of PCs”.

COO Ashwin Jeyapalasingam said that the company already provides reach to over 500 destinations throughout Malaysia and Singapore. “Consumers can book tickets for leading bus operators such as Plusliner, Nice, Transnasional, Airport Coach, Intercity Express, and Starmart Express, amongst many others,” he shared.

Jungle Ventures’ Amit Anand said that the company feels privileged to work with another startup that’s solving the long-distance road travel issue in the Asia Pacific. The venture capital previously funded Travelmob.

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Previously, CatchThatBus had entered a partnership with MakeMyTrip, allowing the company to leverage its partner’s technology for the travel industry.

For those not in the know, CatchThatBus is a service that’s similar to travel agent apps like Kayak, only with buses and with a focus on Malaysia and Singapore travel routes. You can check it out on Android and online if you fancy looking for the best and most efficient bus trips across the two regions.

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  • Chris

    Rip off from Solving a problem- maybe yes! But what’s the innovation…? Tech startups and the VC community in Singapore is quite lethargic when it comes to demonstrating/ supporting integrity and originality.

  • Jeezus

    Well unless is catering to the SEA market your point is really moot. There’s really no original product, what really matters whether the product solves the problems users are facing and better than everyone else in their market.

  • Amit Saberwal

    Well done team CatchTheBus! Wish you all the very best and am sure you guys would do very well!

  • Fatimah

    I agree with Chris. However, I don’t agree with the problem solving part. No matter whether is into Malaysia and Singapore market or not, this is a totally failed idea.

    Firstly, as stated in the articles, the famous 3 Malaysia bus companies, Nice, Plusliner, and Transnasional, are their partners. True, with the popularity of the 3 companies, it’s easy to cover 500 destinations. However, with just a quick Google search, you will find that three of them have their own websites (for example Transnasional website is Their website not only provides coach booking, but also membership discount to returning customers who have KTB memberships. So, what problem is CatchThatBus solving here?

    Secondly, there are very established ticketing software providers in Malaysia, such as eTicketing ( and Pegasus Solutions ( So, what is the point of starting a new company doing bus ticketing as well?

    You may be arguing that CatchThatBus is doing B2C instead of backend like what eTicketing is doing. Then I will tell you my third point. BusOnlineTicket and Easibook, the two largest online bus booking websites in Singapore and Malaysia have been around in market for almost 10 years. With just Facebook fans alone, BusOnlineTicket already has 59k fans now. Meanwhile, Easibook is already focusing on not just coach, but also ferry, Legoland, Hello Kitty, hotel packages online bookings. Most of the big players in local bus industry are already having either BusOnlineTicket or Easibook as their partner, ticketing software provider, and IT support (Read more at

    Finally, one question. Why do we need CatchThatBus? I don’t think I can figure it out. As Chris said earlier, they are just copy cat of RedBus. Well now, I further explain with examples that they are not only having almost no innovation, but also wasting resources by doing extra work without any key difference from the existing companies in the industry.

  • Fatimah

    The links above seem to be not displayed properly, so as requested, I will post the links again below.

    1. Transnasional:
    2. eTicketing:
    3. Pegasus Solutions:
    4. BusOnlineTicket and