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Thai entrepreneur Krating Poonpol joins 500 Startups as Venture Partner

Thai entrepreneur Krating Poonpol joins 500 Startups as Venture Partner

His appointment comes a month after TechCrunch first reported that 500 Startups would be launching a US$10 million micro-fund — the aptly named 500 TukTuks — focused on Thailand Prolific Thai entrepreneur Krating Poonpol announced today via a post on Facebook that he has joined US-based accelerator and incubator 500 Startups as a Venture Partner. In his new assignment, Poonpol will work with the


Bridging Australia and Singapore’s startup ecosystems: Joseph Ziegler

Ziegler hopes that Singapore can become the new destination for Australia’s budding startups, slowly but surely superseding the Valley You have to have dissension to have innovation, and a culture that lacks that element of entrepreneurial spirit will struggle to produce high-impact startups. Joseph Ziegler, formerly of Amazon Web Services and a veteran angel investor

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Insights into Singapore’s startup scene: DBS’s CIO Neal Cross

DBS Chief Innovation Officer Neal Cross tells it like it is in an exclusive interview with e27 and gives startups some valuable advice When it comes to encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit with Singaporean startups and growing the startup ecosystem, three main ingredients have kept the pot stirring: Extensive government support in building the country’s infrastructure and establishing financial schemes, interest


US-based Bitwage’s CEO on how Bitcoin is bridging East and West

Despite being a proponent of the technology, Bitwage CEO Jonathan Chester admits that Bitcoin still needs to improve in three key areas: Usability, accessibility, and relative stability Following the recent announcement of a partnership between Philippines-based and US-based Bitwage to help American companies pay Filipino workers, e27 spoke briefly to the Bitwage Founder and CEO for


Exclusive: Tim Draper tells us why women make successful entrepreneurs

Women need to know 80% of what they have to do before they’re willing to start a business, while men only need 20%. At Draper University of Heroes, the women realise they’re already like 60% of the way there and they might as well take the step This is the second part of our exclusive chat with


Notey wants to redefine the blogosphere following US$1.6M seed

e27 brings to you an in-depth interview with Notey Co-founders on the back of it getting funding from Hugo Barra, Steve Kirsch & Ryan Holmes Following yesterday’s news on Hong Kong-based blogosphere directory Notey securing a whopping US$1.6 million seed round from Hugo Barra (VP International of Xiaomi), Steve Kirsch (Founder of Infoseek, OneID and CoinTrust) and Ryan Holmes (CEO and

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7 ways you can improve as a startup mentor

Aaron Schwartz of Modify Industries and Bhavin Parikh of Magoosh share their thoughts on becoming a better startup mentor Aaron Schwartz and I have both been working as entrepreneurs since 2009. Five years in, we’ve collectively advised over 100 companies (we use the term “advise” loosely, of course). Our advisory meetings range from 20-minute phone calls

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Startups should first figure out what makes them tick: GREE Ventures’ Albert Shyy

In a chat with e27, GREE Ventures’ Associate, Shyy shares his business philosophies and views on the investment scene in Asia Pacific Why are you doing this? What makes you tick? It is these questions that Albert Shyy of GREE Ventures wants startups to answer when they come to him. American born Shyy is an Associate over


Exclusive: 15 minutes with Tim Draper — Part 1

From his hiring strategies to his views on the rise of Asia and what he expects of a modern government, Tim Draper talks exclusively to e27 Following his talk at an invite-only event in Singapore yesterday on spotting disruptive tech startups, e27 sat down with legendary investor Tim Draper for a one-on-one. We crowdsourced questions from our Facebook


GadPoint is trying a new concept for loyalty rewards in Singapore

The Singapore-based startup may have to gain a higher degree of traction for their mobile loyalty product before nabbing investor attention GadPoint is a seven-month-old startup looking to make life easier for shoppers who like collecting loyalty points. For now, the app is only available in Singapore. For every S$1 (US$0.80) spent, users receive 5 GadPoints.


Myanmar startups aren’t built just to exit: EventNook’s Kyaw Lin Oo

The idea of doing so would go against the country’s deep-set cultural roots which value nurturing and building businesses over many years Entrepreneurs in Myanmar aren’t interested in building startups just to flip or exit them within three to four years, a prominent Singapore-based entrepreneur from the emerging market told e27. The idea of doing so


Meet the top 10 Tyros: Part 1

Get to know Tyro.VC’s top 10 finalists as they share thoughts on their journey on the reality show and the fellow competitors You’ve probably heard of them. If you’re a regular at startup events in Singapore, you’ve probably already met them. They are the finalists in Infocomm Investment Pte Ltd‘s Tyro.VC. In our continuing coverage


We want to bring the next billion online: Opera’s Ivollex Hodiny

In an exclusive chat with e27, Hodiny talks about Opera’s plans to break into notoriously difficult Asian markets “I believe that access to the Internet should be a human right,” said Ivollex Hodiny as we started our conversation one sunny afternoon in Singapore. Hodiny is the Asian Growth Director of Opera Software, a company that many


One idea, 500 Startups: The story of how Blockstrap came to be

The cryptocurrency development platform’s co-founders share how they got their break, journey so far, vision and plans, among other things Getting your startup accepted into an accelerator is not easy. Getting just your idea accepted is almost unheard of. With seasoned founders and experienced investors scrutinising every detail of the business plan, rejection can come even with