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SEA e-comm scene needs more role models: Adrian Vanzyl — Part 2

SEA e-comm scene needs more role models: Adrian Vanzyl — Part 2

The Ardent Capital Co-founder talks about the importance of aligning interests, investing in people and breeding role models in Southeast Asia This article concludes the two-part Q&A with Ardent Capital Co-founder Adrian Vanzyl. Read Part 1 here On the subject of good investors, how does Ardent differentiate itself from the rest of the pack? There are two types


It’s tough to find really good startups to invest in Singapore: Alex Toh

IncuVest’s Toh shares the firm’s investment philosophy, emerging Russian tech ecosystem, advantages of being in Singapore, and more IncuVest, a Singapore-based investor group, announced earlier this month that it had funded six seed-stage startups — Baseride Technologies, Intellect Motion, Matchimi, Smartmissimo Technologies, Gamera Networks and Monkimun – over the last three months. The company says it has seen over 1,000 deals, formally

Bitcoin is the perfect disruptive technology for Asia:’s Ron Hose

In this interaction with Co-founder and CEO Ron Hose, find out how is using Bitcoin as the perfect disruptive technology in Southeast Asia is Southeast Asia’s — and specifically the Philippines’ — latest answer to a free mobile Bitcoin wallet, with a mobile app currently available on Google Play (the company says an


Rebuilding the fast fashion model from the ground up: Grana’s Pieter Wittgen & Luke Grana

In the first part of this e27 exclusive, Grana’s Co-founders introduce their disruptive online-only fashion startup based in Hong Kong Grana is a new and highly disruptive online-only fashion startup based out of a 3,300 sqft warehouse in Hong Kong by Dutch and Australian Co-founders Pieter Wittgen and Luke Grana (whose name is behind the


Building the future you bet on: a chat with Adrian Vanzyl — Part 1

Ardent Capital’s Adrian Vanzyl talks forward thinking, adaptability, and having the right partners Ardent Capital occupies an interesting space in the Southeast Asian startup scene, being both an investor and a builder of companies. This “Operator VC” model looks like an institutional version of the entrepreneur turned angel investor, and might just be the perfect game

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GSF ropes in Phanindra Sama and Manish Dalal as venture partners

They will help in choosing the best startups and take on board/advisor responsibilities in some of its portfolio companies GSF, a startup accelerator-cum-early-stage fund run by Rajesh Sawhney, has roped in‘s Phanindra Sama and Mumbai Angels member Manish Dalal as venture partners and strategic advisors. “At GSF, a venture partner is either an accomplished

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Passion matters in today’s world: Bill Tai — Part 2

People would rather try to take control of their own destiny and have fun while doing it, says Tai, while talking about the current generation This concludes the two-part e27 exclusive with venture capitalist Bill Tai. Read Part 1 here How’s Hong Kong as a startup location? Hong Kong and other geographies around the world are becoming


Hong Kong startup scene is heating up: Sensbeat’s Leo Wong — Part 2

The number of people who want to do startups is increasing. Growing integration centres and co-working spaces are proof, says the Co-founder This article concludes the two-part Q&A with Sensbeat’s Co-founder Leo Wong. Read Part 1 here Are you looking to expand the Sensbeat team? Yes, but I think the most challenging part is hiring engineers in Hong Kong.

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Bill Tai wants to ‘empower the next generation’ of Zuckerbergs

In this e27 exclusive, Tai talks about the OzAPP Awards, his MaiTai community, books he recommends, tech’s fifth wave and much more This is part one of a two-part e27 exclusive with Bill Tai Legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bill Tai, who established the West Coast office of Charles River Ventures in 2002 and whose firm seeded

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“Asian startups need to be able to tell their equity story better”

He is not a believer of gut decisions. For him, investing is about being methodical. Say Hello to Pinehurst Advisors’ Mark Hsu Seoul is pretty cold in September. It was a welcome change from the heat and humidity of Singapore. I was at the SongEun ArtSpace in Gangnam for Hanwah S&C’s Dreamplus Day and needless to say, I

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Indian startups should focus more on design and mobility: Ravi Gururaj

A mentor to many a successful startup in the country, Gururaj articulately points out what is needed to get budding entrepreneurs to the place they deserve The posh locale of Diamond District in Bangalore is a hot bed for some of the brightest minds from industries ranging from education to health. How exactly are these startups


Things are always hard before they are easy: Sensbeat’s Leo Wong talks startups

The Co-founder, in an exclusive chat with e27, talks about the startup’s journey so far, the team, their search for funding, being students, and more About two weeks ago, Hong Kong-based music app Sensbeat set a local record to become the first student-found startup in the city to secure US$500,000 in seed funding. Investors include Big Bloom Investment


Lifelogging: The end of privacy — Part 3

Cathal Gurrin of Dublin City University’s School of Computing holds a view on privacy contrary to others: it’s the lifelogger at the highest risk, not the ones getting captured This is Part 3 of a three-part series. Click here to read Part 1 and Part 2. These days it seems that wherever tech firms go, privacy


Lifelogging: A search engine for the self — Part 2

Cathal Gurrin of Dublin City University’s School of Computing talks about the idea of a search engine that could help us find all information from past data about ourselves This is Part 2 of a three-part series. Click here to read Part 1. So what is the difference between a lifelogger and somebody who just takes a


Lifelogging and the coming of Glass – Part 1

In a 3-part series, Professor Cathal Gurrin of Dublin City University’s School of Computing, who started his own lifelog 7 years ago, talks about merging of lifelogging and Google Glass As much as devices like Narrative (formerly Memoto) may have managed to bring lifelogging more into the mainstream, it is Google’s latest venture that is exciting lifeloggers. With its

Chris Adams on social mobile first startups in Asia

Asian markets are ahead in social: TCG’s Chris Adams

The Director of TCG talks about social- and mobile-first approach of startups in the region, emulating the success of Alibaba and Hong Kong as a gateway to China Chris Adams has spent over five years working with startups as a social media consultant and provider of digital marketing services to drive sales and scale business