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New incubator in Singapore empowers social-minded tech startups

By Iris Leung | May 20, 2015

Powered by Singtel, the new program called Enabling Change will enable tech startups to help people with disabilities Read More

JFDI levels up, offers double money in 100 day accelerator programme

By Donna Louisse | May 19, 2015

Teams accepted into the 100-day accelerator programme, starting this August, will now receive US $37K in exchange for a fixed 8.88 per cent equity Read More

TOP100 startups to headline Echelon Asia Summit

By Jin Yao Kwan | May 19, 2015

As e27 confirms the TOP100 Startups exhibiting at the Echelon Asia Summit, find out more about the rigorous 14-country search. Read More

4 types of hobbyist drones and their uses: Drone Matters

By Garry Huang | May 18, 2015

From surveillance to agriculture, there are a number of industries being disrupted by drone use -- but some hobbyists are in for the fun of it. Read More

MediaCorp exec comes out of retirement to launch e-commerce startup

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | May 18, 2015

AllGotIt launches in Singapore with some very optimistic growth projections, but is there any substance here beneath the desire to cash in on the e-commerce boom in Asia? Read More

Your weekly Echelon roundup: 9 days left to enjoy 33% off tickets!

By Jin Yao Kwan | May 15, 2015

Ready for Echelon Asia Summit in Singapore? Enjoy discounts on bulk and delegation tickets to experience exciting features of the business event! Read More

LINE to commemorate SG50 with special sticker pack

By Rahil Bhagat | May 14, 2015

Japanese messaging app LINE is getting in on the SG50 action with its new free sticker pack featuring the app's popular mascots Read More

Asia's states, VCs, banks and startups must build fin-tech together

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | May 11, 2015

The world’s best fin-tech companies come from countries with a close collaboration between all parties, says Vladislav Solodkiy of Life.SREDA at the fin-tech event that took place in Singapore last week Read More

Singapore's "largest non-traditional career convention" Skill Up 2015 to take place tomorrow

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | May 08, 2015

Speakers at Skill Up 2015 will include the likes of MyRepublic's Greg Mittman, GrabTaxi's Jerry Lim and e27's very own Mohan Belani Read More

Your weekly Echelon roundup: 93,342 kilometres later

By Jin Yao Kwan | May 08, 2015

With scores and comments aggregated from the 14 Qualifiers, e27 is shortlisting the TOP100 Startups invited to exhibit at the prestigious Echelon Asia Summit Read More

Echelon TOP100: Nanu, Jewel Paymentech, SellInAll win SG Qualifiers

By Donna Louisse | May 05, 2015

LIV3LY, Our Healthmate and Graph Paper were selected as the Peoples' Choice winners. The six winners were chosen from 50 startups competing in three tracks Read More

Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong shares source code for Sudoku project

By Donna Louisse | May 04, 2015

In a Facebook post on his fan page, PM Lee uploaded a Sudoku Solver program written in C++ Read More

500 Startups announces two new hires from Singapore

By Iris Leung | May 04, 2015

Singapore's Arnaud Bonzom and Vishal Harnal will be taken under Managing Partner Khailee Ng's 500 Durians wing Read More

MyRepublic to roll out 4G trial with unlimited free data

By Rahil Bhagat | Apr 30, 2015

The Singapore-based Internet company is looking to bolster its attempts to become Singapore's fourth telco by rolling out a public trial of its 4G network Read More

Telstra-backed startup accelerator Muru-D launches in Singapore

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | Apr 29, 2015

Telstra CEO said the region needs to ensure an ecosystem where "new ideas are supported, funded" -- here's hoping Muru-D helps startups in both regards Read More

GrabTaxi's GrabCar service launches low priced options to race with UberX

By Donna Louisse | Apr 28, 2015

GrabTaxi's in-app service that allows users to book licensed chauffeured vehicles has rebranded to include economy and premium offerings Read More

You can now book a HotelQuickly from your shiny new Apple Watch

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | Apr 28, 2015

Features include 'handoff' to your iPhone, simplified navigation and check-in, alerts, and the ability to manage booking references Read More

Asia's homegrown PayPal challenger 2C2P raises US$7M Series C

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | Apr 27, 2015

Underpinning it all is Southeast Asia's bouyant B2C e-commerce market, growing from US$7 billion in 2013 to a projected US$34.5 billion by 2018 Read More

From a small city to a Smart Nation: Highlights from Smart Nation Innovations 2015

By Donna Louisse | Apr 24, 2015

Boosting innovation in mobility and transport, creating a secure open data marketplace, putting in cyber security measures are top priority Read More

Your weekly Echelon roundup

By Jin Yao Kwan | Apr 24, 2015

As the TOP100 Startups are shortlisted through the Qualifiers, Echelon Asia Summit will focus on what it takes to be a billion-dollar company Read More

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