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[Singapore] i-SUITE Series: How a CIO Thinks, Plans & Buys

[Singapore] i-SUITE Series: How a CIO Thinks, Plans & Buys

Learn how a CIO thinks, plans & buys, and find out the secrets of selling enterprise solutions for tech entrepreneurs & sales professionals Synopsis: Selling complex and disruptive solutions into large organisations is a highly challenging but rewarding endeavour. The ability to sell into these organisations often define the survivability and, ultimately, success of enterprise start-ups, product developers and


Singapore becomes second country after Japan to boast 2Gbps fibre broadband

 ViewQwest’s fibre broadband will be available commercially in early 2015, with trials starting immediately Singapore’s ISP ViewQwest announced yesterday that it will be the first provider outside Japan’s So-net to offer 2Gbps fibre broadband, starting with limited trials this month and then rolling out availability to customers by early 2015. The company said that consumers who don’t want to


[Singapore] Business, a force for good

How can companies contribute to social responsibility? Check out Business, a force for good : Forum on conscious capitalism     Synopsis: As one of the most powerful force on earth, business has the potential to create systemic impact. However, “business as usual” prioritises shareholder value, often at the expense of society and environment. Increasingly,


[Singapore] How should startups handle Media & PR?

Learn how to promote your startup from media and PR practitioners in this workshop and panel session Synopsis: Getting your Startup in the ‘limelight’, is one of the most crucial things you should do to get your platform known. It can help with acquiring new clients, getting investors to notice your Startup or partnership collaborations!


Singapore’s healthcare industry is the Boston of Asia

How will digital health be changing the healthcare industry in Singapore? And how are the neighbours to benefit from this? Digital health is all set to radically transform healthcare across the globe. Singapore is now the birthplace of a number of promising digital health startups with its strong fundamentals in healthcare excellence. The city-state has


Meet the 12 startups joining JFDI’s fifth 100-day accelerator programme

The latest cohort includes companies on average at a significantly later stage of maturity Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI.Asia) today revealed the 12 Singapore-based startup businesses joining its fifth 100-day accelerator programme. Compared with previous programmes, the latest cohort includes companies on average at a significantly later stage of maturity. The new teams are from


[Singapore] HSG5: HackerspaceSG’s 5th Birthday Party!

Celebrate the progress of Singapore’s tech community as HackerspaceSG turns 5! Synopsis: HackerspaceSG, the Singapore tech scene’s community centre, is having its 5th anniversary on November 15. We’re throwing a party to celebrate! If you’ve ever been a part of HackerspaceSG in some way, whether as a current or former member (thanks for your continued


[Singapore] Growth Hacking Singapore

Learn about Growth Hacking from Experienced Experts and Receive on the Spot Advice and Feedback on your Current Growth Challenges! Synopsis: “Startups don’t fail because they can’t get the product built, they fail because they can’t acquire customers” Growth Hacking Singapore focuses on tactics and processes to achieve fast and sustainable startup growth based on

Entrepreneurship Education Reinvented-feat

[Singapore] Entrepreneurship Education Reinvented

Entrepreneurs are shaping the Education industry. Join us to hear from and mingle with thought leaders in the EduTech industry! Synopsis: In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, TIEN Academy is organizing the Entrepreneurship Education Reinvented Seminar. We welcome all aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and active learners to join us for this event where to get to


Transport startup CarPal helps merchants deliver 18 hours a day

With a fleet of 100 drivers, CarPal’s clients said that they like it for great customer service among other things A delivery is but a few cursor clicks away, say local merchants, clients of three-month old transport startup CarPal. The service, registered in the Netherlands, is currently available in Singapore, Amsterdam, Taipei and Syndey. Co-founder Maarten


Develop the products of the future with these jobs

Do you enjoy building things? Check out these developer jobs and help create the tech products of tomorrow The world today is being driven by technological innovation, solving local and global problems and providing convenience, reduced costs, or enhanced capabilities to consumers. Central to this tech development are innovative products and the developers behind them. From


[Singapore] Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo

Find out more about the strategies for the Third Industrial Revolution with Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo Synopsis: Since its inception in 2013, the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo has quickly grown to become the largest professional 3D printing event worldwide. Inside 3D Printing Singapore will feature two days of conference sessions led by