[Updated] Clash of Clans’s FB page compromised; revenue figures released


It appears Supercell’s hit game Clash of Clans’s Facebook page has been compromised by a hacker


Supercell‘s popular game Clash of Clans’s Facebook page has been hacked. The hacker, who goes by the moniker of Ethical Spectrum, also released an image which detailed the game studio’s revenue figures and monthly active users.

Update: e27 held an exclusive interview with the owner of the email address listed on the screen capture

Here is the transcript (sic):
Q: How did you gain access to the revenue figures of Supercell?
A: I hacked their admin panel so I was able to see that info.

Q: How did you gain access to Clash of Clans’s Facebook Page?
A: I hacked HayDay Facebook page too via their account on this site engagor.com. I will give you an exclusive screen shot. (Author’s note: This is the image shown as the lead image)

Q: Why now? What’s your intention behind releasing such information?
A: I was able to cause greater damage to the company, but I do not want it. I worked for a lot of companies, but they were more cooperative from this company. So I had to show them that I was able to do a lot.

Q: Who are you? Where are you from?
A: I can’t tell you my name and I’m from Syria.

Q: What’s next? Will you be releasing more information?
A: This depends on the cooperation of the company with me.

However, it seems that the posts have been deleted. The reason behind the lapse in security is still unknown.


Correction: We had originally captioned the revenue in the photo to be $15 million, but it was later checked to be $5.15 million.


Hat tip to an unnamed source for forwarding the screenshots to e27

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  • Clash of clans player

    Crazy! I wonder if this was committed by an employee.

  • Acer8104

    Just for the record
    The turnover of Supercell in 2012 was 78.4 million Euros
    Profit 39.2 million Euros
    Net profit 29.9 million Euros

    There are no 2013 figures yet. But will be by the end of April. From 2011 to 2012 the turnover grew 9999,90 %

    Q: How did I get access to these firures?
    A: All company financial statements may not be public records in Syria but they are in Finland.

    Thank you and goodbye.

  • Daniel Low

    What’s your point? Doesn’t seem to discount anything written

  • pdexter

    What makes you think so?
    Seems like a kid that looking for attention and is trying to blackmail them for money.

  • Elianora

    Point is, hacking and sharing a Finnish company’s financial information is as simple checking public records. Hacking a Facebook account is not the same as hacking a company completely.

    Of course every hacker always says how they had SO MUCH control and could’ve done so much damage. I seriously doubt it.

    Wow, you hacked a FB page, good job, kid.

  • Acer8104

    Seems we didn’t have to wait until the official deadline April 30th.

    Profit up from 39.2 M Euros to 349 M Euros

    Turnover went up from 78.4 M to 672 M Euros.

    Also the hacking has been reported to the local police. Expect them, they are a legion. They do not forgive. They do not forget.