Computerlogy launches web service to track Facebook trends in Thailand


Fear missing out on what Thai netizens are riled up about on FB? aims to help brands understand trends & consumer behaviour


No one can debate the power of social media and the impact it has on marketing decisions. To understand the pulse of its audiences, brands are relying more and more on social. Though Google Trends and the 140 characters charmer Twitter are very useful, the fact of the matter is that Facebook still accounts for a huge percentage of online discussions.

Enter  — a new free service provided by Thai-based software company Computerlogy that deals with social media marketing. seeks to bring to light what Facebook users in Thailand are riled up about.

Vachara Aemavat, CEO and Co-founder, Computerlogy shared that is the second service being launched after social media management system SocialEnable. has been developed to meet marketing requirements of the industry and help companies stay abreast of current trends to avoid missing out on important events.

With over 24 million recorded Facebook users in Thailand (source: Computerlogy), the service will be able to help local companies gather market insights and keep track of industry trends, international brands understand native consumer behaviour, and journalists research their stories.

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The web service can track channels across 20 categories including travel, e-commerce, banking/finance, etc. When users click on the embedded post on, they will be directed to the original Facebook post.

A Computerlogy spokesperson said, “In the future, we will expand to other (social networks) but now Facebook is (a) very famous channel in Thailand.”

While the service will start with monitoring trends in Thailand, it will eventually expand and be localised for each country in the region.

Elaine Huang

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