[echelon 2010 Launchpad] ZelRealm Interactive Integrates New Monetization Models for Online Gaming


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[Note: Information prepared by ZelRealm for press release]

ZelRealm provides online gamers with a way to facilitate the transaction of virtual good between different online games. The application helps provide a safe and secure portal for gamers to trade item over different gaming platforms.

By assisting social game developers in analyzing, monetizing and managing virtual goods and currency, ZelRealm is the technology partner for these developers in helping them add  new monetization models to their games.

It also provides

  • Customer support for integration
  • Manage virtual items and virtual economies
  • Additional monetization models that add to game play

ZelRealm Interactive, founded in January 2008, is where the real world and social games meet.

IMG_20100601_145527They play the role of technology partner for social game developers, helping them analyze, monetize and manage virtual goods and currency. At the same time, they allow for new monetization models that adds a real world dimension to gameplay.

Joash Wee

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