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News  20, Jun 2011

Echelon 2011 – What people thought of @sivers and Launchpad

Wow. What a week it’s been. We hosted more than 1,000 startuppy folks at Echelon 2011 last Thursday and Friday, and it was a blast. We’re still recovering.

We had a pretty active hashtag at #echelon2011 and I’m seeing a few albums and comments pop up on Facebook, so I’m going to compile some of these reactions. Hopefully, this gives people a flavor of what the event was like.

I’m going to use Storify to make it easier to grab Tweets and other objects from the social media stream. This is part one, with some of the responses to the talk by @sivers and the Startup Launchpad.

Add your links, comments, and reactions here or at #echelon2011, we’ll add to this as we go along.

Wong Joon Ian

Wong Joon Ian


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