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Echelon 2013 Startup Marketplace

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Echelon 2013 Startup Submissions for Satellite Pitching is now closed

Submissions to exhibit at Echelon 2013 Startup Marketplace still open

  1. We have closed submissions for startups interested to pitch at Satellites. A judging panel of industry leaders will score the startups that have already submitted and results will be shared with the selected startups via email on 11 March 2013
  2. However, if you are still interested to exhibit at Echelon 2013, please fill in the form here.

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A startup’s journey through Echelon 2013

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zxJOztIwxE?rel=0]

With Echelon 2013, the hunt of Asia’s top tech startups begins once again. These startups will be put through the same rigorous selection process in order to be part of Echelon 2013 Satellites and Startup Marketplace.

Stage 1: Satellite Online applications. Ended 28 February 2013. Startup Marketplace application still open

Stage 2: Selected startups will pitch at the Satellites (30 March – 25 April, 2013)

Stage 3: 100 selected startups to exhibit at Echelon 2013 Startup Marketplace (4 – 5 June 2013)

Stage 4: Top 10 startups will pitch for the Echelon 2013 Startup Award

Echelon 2013 Satellites and Startup Marketplace will present participating startups with the opportunity to meet top-notch venture capital firms, investors and incubators operating in Asia. Some of the venture capital firms that were part of previous Echelons were Japan’s Global Brain, Singapore’s Jungle Ventures, Golden Gate Ventures and SingTel Innov8, Taiwan’s TMI Labs and Indonesia’s GDP Ventures and Merah Putih Incubator.

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Perx Startup Marketplace

Andrew Roth of Perx showcasing their mobile loyalty app to Echelon attendees.

Information about Satellites

Satellites take place before Echelon 2013 where selected startups will pitch to judges. 10 startups selected from this stage will pitch at the main Echelon 2013 event.

Startups that pitch at Satellites also have the opportunity to exhibit at Echelon 2013’s Startup Marketplace that features early-stage investors in attendance.

Satellites will begin from 30 March 2013.

Satellite Dates and Locations

30 March 2013: Jakarta, Indonesia
03 April 2013: Singapore, Singapore
10 April 2013: Taipei, Taiwan
13 April 2013: Manila, Philippines
17 April 2013: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
17 April 2013: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
20 April 2013: Bangkok, Thailand
25 April 2013: Tokyo, Japan

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Networking opportunities for startups

Other than funding, startups looking for partnership opportunities will be able to meet and network with key corporate decision makers who are looking for new ways to value add to their customer base. Some of the technology companies that have partnered and worked with Echelon startups includes Research In Motion, Amazon Web Service and Microsoft.

The Echelon 2013 Satellites provides a solid landing pad for startups looking to identify new market opportunities in the various Satellite countries. At the Echelon 2012 Indonesia Satellite, Malaysian startup TaxiMonger and Singapore’s Squiryl used the opportunity to pitch and showcase their product to a strong crowd of Indonesian community leaders.

Payroll Hero Startup Marketplace

Stephen Jagger of Payroll Hero introducing his product to Dave McClure of 500 Startups and Benjamin Joffe.

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Eligibility for Echelon 2013 Startup Marketplace

Echelon 2012 saw more than 50 startups exhibiting to numerous investors and media. (500Startups, Golden Gate Ventures, The Next Web, CNET, etc.)

Startups applying for Echelon 2013 Satellites and Startup Marketplace should be:

  • Companies that are serious about establishing a presence in Asia
  • Have not exhibited the same product at earlier Echelons (Only for Satellites)

The application will include a product pitch that uses Founder Institute’s Adeo Ressi’s one-sentence pitch format. View the tutorial video below for more details on how to complete the product pitch section in the online application.

Madlibs for Pitching from Founder Institute Vimeo 4 on Vimeo.

Startups that fit the eligibility requirements and are looking for funding, partnership and market expansion opportunities can apply for Echelon 2013 Satellites and Startup Marketplace now, before the closing date of 31 January 2013 28 February 2013.

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Echelon 2013 Startup Marketplace Application Form

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