Tuesday, 4 June 2013

  • Registration

    Light refreshments will be served

  • Opening Remarks

    Mohan Belani – CEO & Co-Founder, e27

  • Building products that solve problems

    How to get users to actually sign up for your service.

    Lessons learned from designing at Pinterest and Gumroad.

    Why good product design is the best for growth hacking.

    How to give your products a point of view, a voice, human elements etc. that lead to engaged users and success.

    Sahil Lavingia – Founder & CEO, Gumroad

  • Key strategies startups need to build and grow their companies

    How have companies like Pair, Pinterest massively grown their user bases.

    What are some of the growth hacking tricks that startups use to gain users and build virality.

    How do you build the right user experience around your product.

    Vincent Lauria (Moderator) – Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

    Jon Yongfook Cockle – Director, Twenty Four Twelve Systems

    Lim Cheng Soon – Founder, Hacker Monthly

    Sieng Van Tran – Founder, Egg

    Sahil Lavingia – Founder & CEO, Gumroad

    Chris Palmieri – Co-Founder & Managing Director, AQ

  • Shifts in investments trends in Silicon Valley and the Series A crunch

    Dave McClure – Founding Partner, 500 Startups

  • Creating a Compelling Investment Case/ Early Stage Portfolio for Series A Investors

    What are the kind of companies that are getting funded and gaining traction in the region?

    Is there really a Series A crunch regionally? Or are there just not enough good companies?

    How has the investment philosophy in Asia shifted in the last few years?

    Who are some of the promising startups regionally?

    There is a lack of an IPO market in the region. What are the options then?

    How can Japan play a pivotal role in SEA’s statups ecosystem?

    Mike Holt (Moderator) – Managing Partner, Get2Volume and G2VAccelerator

    Dave McClure – Founding partner, 500 Startups

    Vincent Lauria – Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

    Chua Kee Lock – President & CEO, Vertex Venture Holdings

    Yasuhiko Yurimoto – Founder & CEO, Global Brain

    Yasuyuki Konuma – Director of Business Development, Listing Department, Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • Lunch

  • Side Room Closed door Investor Session

    Investors only – Networking among investors for dealflow, cross border investment knowledge and trends.

    Nic Lim (Moderator) – Partner, 8capita

  • Platform Thinking: Business Model Design for Internet Businesses

    Internet businesses are fundamentally different from offline businesses, and have led to the creation of entirely new business models that never existed in the past. What makes internet businesses so different and how can one leverage this while building an internet business?

    Building an internet business is not just about building technology; it’s about building technology that enables users to interact and create value for each other. How do you build technology that powers your business model? How do you create incentives for users to participate? How do you leverage data to solve users’ pain points?

    This talk explores the design of internet business models. It boils them down to four fundamental questions that every internet business needs to ask itself. It also presents a methodical framework to move from an idea to a business, while focusing on what’s most important for your startup.

    Sangeet Paul Choudary – Founder, Platform Thinking

  • Business Models Design for Digital Platforms & Marketplaces

    The focus of the session is a discussion on business models around digital platforms (mobile and web) and two sided marketplaces such that the company needs to build both demand (customers) and supply (users). The session focused on the following questions:

    a. What are the current interesting business models for digital platforms and marketplaces?

    b. How do we build business models around digital platforms with high traction based on user growth & retention?

    c. In building the business models for platforms or marketplaces within Asia, should we focus on revenue first or traction first?

    If so, what are the business or growth metrics we should use to measure?

    Bernard Leong (Moderator) – Technology Manager, Vistaprint

    Sangeet Paul Choudary – Founder, Platform Thinking

    Allen Penn - Interim Head of Asia Operations, Uber

    Kjetil Olsen – Vice President, Europe, Elance

    Pieter Kemps – Principal, Business Development & Venture Capital, APAC, Amazon Web Services

    Jia Jih Chai – Country Manager, SEA, Airbnb

  • What are Asian telco doing to move away from just being dumb pipes of the mobile and internet industry

    What are some of the shifts in consumer behaviors that telcos have noticed around the region?

    How are telcos reacting to the slew of chat/IM related services (LINE/KakaoTalk/WeChat)?

    What are some of the unique ways telcos have built relationships with startups (Ookbee in TH, Kickstart in PH etc.)?

    What is the reaction to some of the recent acquisitions by SingTel (hungrygowhere, amobee, pixable) and some of their recent launches (Newsloop, loop & meet)?

    Can startups build a real business off a telco’s customer base?

    Thomas Clayton (Moderator) – President & CEO, Bubble Motion

    Edgar Hardless – Chief Executive Officer, SingTel Innov8

    Loo Cheng Chuan – Head (Local Life, Group Digital Life), SingTel

    Marina Kacaribu – Head, Digital Lifestyle Group, Telkomsel

    Peter Bithos – Head of Consumer Business Group, Globe Telecom

    Srihathai Prammanee (Orn) - Marketing Specialist, Value Added Service, AIS

  • Break

  • Startup Pitches

    10 Echelon 2013 Pitching Startups

    1. Gridmarkets

    2. MathSpace

    3. MyLegalWhiz

    4. NoonSwoon

    5. POP

    6. Stamp

    7. TanyaDok

    8. TradeHero

    9. TopAdmit

    10. WayGo

    Dave McClure – Founding Partner, 500 Startups

    Edgar Hardless – Chief Executive Officer, SingTel Innov8

    John Scull – Managing Director, Southern Cross Venture Partners

    Yasuhiko Yurimoto – President & CEO, Global Brain

    Raphael Strauch – Founding Partner & Managing Director, Nova Founders

    Joel Sng – Angel Investor

    Kee Lock Chua – President & CEO, Vertex Venture Holdings

  • Most Promising Startup Announcement

  • Networking and Exhibition

  • After Party

    Club Sonar
    Address: 442 Orchard Road, Orchard Hotel, Singapore, Singapore 238879
    Echelon discount: 10% off all drinks (Have to show Echelon badge)

    For Echelon Attendees, Sogamo will be buying the first 150 pints of beer (first come first serve)!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

  • Registration

    Light refreshements will be served

  • Asian Consumer Trends: Digital Cramming – the urge to do more in every mobile minute

    Tara Hirebet – Head of Asia Pacific,

  • Making a difference in the attention economy

    “Life is Not Complete Without Shopping”, said a famous Singaporean almost 20 years ago. Since then, new media, social media and mobile have taken by storm the hands and the eyes of consumers, with – at least from a global perspective – a specific frenzy in South-East Asia.

    Such a level of consumption, when enhanced with e-commerce ventures, online payment infrastructure, and social media highest stats in the world, paves the way for comprehensive shopping experience.

    How could consumers be more on mobile? Can engagement on social media and community effect drive sales effectively? What are the new ways to attract attention in an always more limited available time and space? When and where should brands innovate in a fast-changing environment?

    We’ll review with the panelists and their expertise in trends and strategic planning this new, augmented experience and what we can expect in a near and distant future. Wearable device? Ultra-targeting? 3D-printed customized products shared by the community?

    Let’s gain the high-levels of futurology for an hour.

    Martin Pasquier (Moderator) – Founder & Partner, Agence Tesla

    Ernest Kim – Strategic Planning Director, XM Asia Pacific

    Tara Hirebet – Head of Asia Pacific,

    Chi Tran – Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific, OgilvyOne

    Rob Bratby – Managing Partner, Olswang Asia LLP

    Valerie Rozycki Wagoner – Founder & CEO, ZipDial

  • The future of Social Media and Mobile Communications in Asia

    With the phenomenal growth Facebook and Twitter followed by that of Line, KaKaoTalk, Viber, Whatsapp, and WeChat across the region, where does this all end up?

    Feature phones still dominate most Asia countries, but for how long?

    What does the future state look like?

    Thomas Clayton – President & CEO, Bubble Motion

  • Differentiating mobile markets in Asia Pacific. Which gaps should your startup/app address?

    From feature phones to LTE enabled smartphones, mobile markets in the region differ depending on culture, infrastructure and maturity. What are the important trends to consider, and how should your startup address the needs and gaps in your target market?

    J. Angelo Racoma (Moderator) – Senior Writer, e27

    Ulf Waschbusch – Founder & CEO, Placety

    Razmig Hovaghimian – Co-Founder & CEO, Viki

    Thomas Clayton – President & CEO, Bubble Motion

    Calvin Kizana – Founder & CEO, PicMix

    Sahil Lavingia – Founder & CEO, Gumroad

  • Lunch

  • Are Banks Ready For Isaac?

    Never before in history have consumers evolved as such rapid rates. The past decade has seen almost everything come under threat of a digital transformation, books, music, movies, services, and the list goes on, and the body count rises (Borders, Blockbuster, Britanicca). Now banks are facing that very threat… so what will happen

    We look at key questions:

    What are the needs of the digital generations?

    Can banks survive?

    What are the opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators?

    What tools, strategies and approaches can we use to thrive?

    Scott Bales – Chief Mobile Officer, Moven

  • Side Room Tech Topics Discussion & Workshop

    6 Tech topics to be discussed up close and personal with our respective speakers.

    Format is similar to “Birds of a feather” session where each banquet table will host 1 topic for discussion among delegates and the speaker.

    15mins max per session for each group before a swap is required for the next group of delegates to take their seats.

  • Adapting & growing your business in a rapidly changing gaming industry

    Key trends in the gaming industry around this region

    Why is Supercell doing so well and can Asian companies replicate this model?

    What are some of the games that are doing phenomenally well in Asia?

    How traditional subscription base online game and boxed game publisher is moving into fermium model and digital download ?

    Will there ever be an SEAsian game developers who can be as successful as GREE/Supercell/Rovio?

    How has the Singapore government help in building the gaming industry here?

    With game industry evolving at rapid pace, how do you build and grow the business around them?

    How have payments affected gaming and how has the distribution of games evolved?

    What are some of the pitfalls that new game companies make when they launch?

    Console & Smartphone games, do you see the platform will converge in the future ? which platform you will focus on ? and why ?

    Self publishing VS sub-licensing, which is your preferred business model ? and why ?

    Rivai Adidharma (Moderator) – Sr VP, International Business Development, MOL Global Pte Ltd

    Hironao Kunimitsu – Founder & CEO, gumi. Inc

    Anton Soeharyo – Co-Founder & CEO, Touchten

    Christopher Low – CEO & Co-Founder, Viwawa

    Juha Paananen – CEO & Co-Founder, Nonstop Games

    Hal Bame – Chief Commercial Officer, Take5 Limited

  • Side Room InMarket Access Workshop

    How best to expand into these 6 Countries. Questions you might want discussed before exploring regional markets. e27′s invited overseas partners will be the host.

    Format is similar to “Birds of a feather” session where each banquet table will host 1 topic for discussion among delegates and the e27′s partner.

    15mins max per session for each group before a swap is required for the next group of delegates to take their seats.

  • The Great Asia E Commerce Market: Boom or Bubble?
    Powered by PointStar, NetSuite Partner of the Year 2012

    Who are the key players in the Asia e commerce industry?

    What are the different key players doing differently to carve out their niche in the regional market?

    How is mobile commerce playing a role in the e commerce land grab?

    Who are the key investors in the e commerce industry and what are the exit opportunities?

    Are there still opportunities for smaller and new players going up against rich venture backed e commerce companies?

    Paul Srivorakul (Moderator) – Investor, Ardent Capital

    Ralph Wunsch – Founder, MetroDeal Philippines

    Roger Egan – Co-Founder & CEO, Redmart

    Jason Sew Hoy – COO, 99designs

    Stefan Bruun – Managing Director, Lion&Lion

    Kei Shibata – CEO & Co-Founder, Venture Republic Inc.

  • Big Data: After the Hype

    Big Data has made Big Promises – everything from changing how you innovate to how you engage with customers. In this session, we’ll be with some Big Data converts so they can share their real-world experiences on making Big Data work for businesses of all sizes. Let’s tune out the hype, and find out what’s really happening here in Asia.

    Daryl Webb (Moderator) – General Manager, APAC – SoftLayer Technologies

    Simon Dale – Senior Software Executive, Asia Pacific, SAP

    Bobby Jimenez – Group CTO, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources

    John Fearon – Founder & CEO, Dropmysite

    Christofer Sandberg – CTO, Eyeota

    Shashank Dixit – CEO, Deskera

  • Startup markets around the region

    Exploring the startup ecosystems in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong. The panel will address consumer and market readiness, infrastructure development, existing problems and solutions and community and government support available for technology companies.

    Hear case studies about how local startups are dominating their home markets and which foreign markets are they looking out for next. Find out which market is ready for your product and what support can you receive if you choose to venture into it.

    Joash Wee (Moderator) – Editor, e27

    Rama Mamuaya – Founder,

    Charle Charoenphan – Managing Director, Hubba

    Paul V. Rivera – Founder & CEO, Kalibrr Technology Ventures

    Casey Lau – Community Development Manager, Softlayer Technologies

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