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Entrepreneur 360Find out more about the trend of entrepreneurship with SouthAsianDiaspora.Org.

With various community events and activities happening in Singapore to continue to grow the spirit of entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur 360 seeks to shed light on the entrepreneurship trend and experience amongst South Asians in the diaspora. Entrepreneur 360 is a SouthAsianDiaspora.Org forum and networking session.

The forum will host successful entrepreneurs such as Aseem Thakur and Neeraj Sundarajoo. They will be joined by angel investors Ravi Mantha, Sanjeev Shah and William Klippgen. William started Tigris Capital, which recently funded model-turned-entrepreneur Stephanie Chai’s luxury travel startup, The Luxe Nomad. Also participating in the forum is director of Candy Empire, Ashraf Mohamed. CEO of Tickled Media, Roshni Mahtani, will moderate the forum.

For those interested to learn more about entrepreneurship in the region, you can register for the free event at the Entrepreneur Diaspora Eventbrite page.

Event Details:

Date: 12 September, 2012 (Wednesday)

Time: 4.30pm – 7.00pm

Venue: Singapore Treasury Building Auditorium, Ministry of Finance, 100 High Street #06-03, The Treasury, Singapore 179434 (Gothere.sg)


Joash Wee

Joash is passionate about tech startups and building the technopreneur community. While completing his undergraduate business degree, he decided to take a programming class just for kicks. Fortunately for him, he managed to scrap a pass and it now helps him get by with the geek talk. When he is not discussing about startups or the latest technologies, you can find him reading off his Kindle or taking photos with silver halide salts, old school.

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