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I remember the time when my teacher asked the class what invention we would come up with if anything was possible. The bummer of the class wanted to invent a ‘homework helper’ that will finish up the heap of assignments we all get from the teachers. I have to admit here, I’d really appreciate that invention.

Well, boys and girls who are currently in the midst of an exam crunch time, here’s a too-good-to-be-true solution for you! EssayTyper, a new online helper that has recently been highly raved by people on the social network (62K Facebook likes and 3,158 tweets as of writing) is the magic potion to completing essay assignments of ANY* topic with a breeze.

Using EssayTyper is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Type in the topic of your assignment

2. Wait for EssayTyper to load and work the ‘magic’

3. Type away like a pro on your keyboard and watch your masterpiece being crafted in seconds!

An essay on 'Gulf War', as crafted by EssayTyper

Too good to be true? Yes, definitely. So, before you start using EssayTyper for all your homework assignments, I’d have to burst your bubble here. EssayTyper is simply a white-labeled wikipedia that draws its information and craft a faultless piece of  essay topics found on wikipedia. (see image below) The tool bar on top of the word editor is also non-functional.

The same article on 'Gulf War' on Wikipedia

So kids, please don’t take EssayTyper too seriously. Even the auto-generated title, “Truly War? The Modern War: A normative Critique” doesn’t make much sense. Nevertheless, it’s a nicely done up website that has succeeded in amusing me time and time again.

Time to fool your friends with this secret solution!

*Any topic that can be found on Wikipedia.

Joanna Yeo

Joanna comes from a unique background mix of Life Sciences and Technopreneurship at NUS. Having gone through more than half a year of internship with a local startup under NUS Overseas College's innovative Local Enterprise Achiever Development (iLEAD) programme, she developed a keen interest in the tech scene. Joanna is also running N-House, an entrepreneurial residence at NUS. The geek girl at heart loves her dog, travelling and learning new things everyday!

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    Writing essay is easy and interesting. It will be a great task to perform with a zeal to write something good everyday. it will enhance your writing skills and improve your vocabulary.

  • Dat girl

    This is AWESOME!! LOL spent minutes typing in different topics and watching it write itself; totally a kid’s dream come true! XD

  • Anonymous

    No, don’t use this! It has bugs on your computer and it has a ceiral code where the teachers read it and see how you got it.. Don’t use it!

  • bobbi

    it doesn’t write about The Romans

  • anon

    slight problem with this. try typing the same topic twice. it pumps out the same essay. which means if any of your friends try it too… you’ll get a different nonsense title, but the exact same essay content.

  • Alex i use thise essay generator service