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Business  3, Jan 2014

Find your match in less than a minute with dating app Kehmistry!


Due to be launched in Malaysia later this month, matchmaking app Kehmistry revolves around the concept of instant gratification

If love is just a chemical reaction, then up-and-coming matchmaking app Kehmistry might be a solution for those looking for some serious romance.

Due to be launched in Malaysia later this month, the app revolves around the concept of instant gratification.

In a chat with e27, Shanker Joyrama, Co-founder, Kehmistry throws light on the rationale behind the app, how Kehmistry will work, monetisation and expansion plans.

A free iOS  app, which is still in closed beta, Kehmistry currently has a total of 100 users made up of the founders’ family and friends.

When users first sign up, they will be asked to log in with their Facebook account. Basic information will be pulled into the app to generate more relevant matches. Location settings will also be utilised to show matches nearby. However, Kehmistry will never post with the users’ accounts, explained Joyrama.

Talking about the instant gratification proposition, he said, “From downloading the app to find a match, it takes less than a minute.” Users are able to talk to matches immediately, and meet up with potential dates whenever they like.

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While the name Kehmistry is an obvious play on the word ‘Chemistry’, Joyrama was quick to explain that the app does not actually make singles fall head over heels. He said, “It makes the process of meeting more people easier, and (allows) serendipity to happen more frequently.”

After all, with the fast-paced lives they live, urban youngsters might not have the time or courage to go out and meet potential significant others. He added, “Walking up to a girl is quite hard for a guy. From a girl’s perspective, they might be holding themselves back or be skeptical.”

Expanding footprint

Aside from the launch in Malaysia, which will first start in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley, the app will also make its way to neighbouring country, Singapore. According to Joyrama, the app will stay the same in terms of interface and user experience throughout its expansion within Southeast Asia.

All three Co-founders, Bernard Lim, Toh Yit Ming and Joyrama are based in Kuala Lumpur and are confident of winning the local market.

Co-founders (L-R) Bernard Lim, Shanker Joyrama and Yit Ming Toh

Where is the moolah?

Currently, the app does not have an active monetisation plan. Joyrama shared that it will only kick in later on when they have a bigger user base. Going forward, it will likely take the form of virtual gifts.

An Android version of Kehmistry is also in the pipeline.

Joyrama concluded on an optimistic note by sharing that he has gotten wind of their first successful couple being matched up on the app. Hoping there is more to come.

Happy soul mate finding…

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Elaine Huang

Elaine Huang

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  • xny

    The idea has severe flaws :

    - Total of 100 users made up of the “founders’ family and friends” – Not getting real feedback there

    - Location settings will also be utilised to show matches nearby – That is not how people interact with each other

    - Does not have an active monetisation plan – Not a good start there

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