Updated: Foodpanda satisfies your caffeine fix with Starbucks delivery

Foodpanda MalaysiaFoodpanda is actively expanding its market in Southeast Asia, and has tied up with top-tier food service providers to satisfy your hunger and thirst.

Update: Included a word from foodpanda co-founder and managing director Ralf Wenzel.

For many writers, startup founders and entrepreneurs, coffee is an essential part of our day (alongside beer, of course). But if you’re too busy to head to your nearest Starbucks branch, and if you happen to be in Malaysia, then you can get your caffeine fix straight from the web. Foodpanda has partnered with top-tier restaurants and cafes in the region, which includes Starbucks, Tony Roma’s, Old Town White Coffee in Malaysia, and more.

“We are still working hard to bring in more brands and better food variety, expect to see all leading international food brands in Malaysia on Foodpanda in the next few months,” said Claudio Abitante, managing director at Foodpanda Malaysia.

Apart from these establishments in Malaysia, the food-delivery startup has also partnered with several restaurants in the region: Pizza Hut in India, KFC in Pakistan, Subway, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, NYDC, BreadTalk and Tokyo Deli in Vietnam, Scoozi Pizza in Thailand and Singapore Dine in Singapore.

To promote these new delivery tie-ins, Foodpanda is offering free delivery for users who order from the participating establishments through the web and via the iOS and Android app from July 1st to 8th. As with other territories, Malaysian users can also pay for their food upon delivery.

Ralf Wenzel, co-founder and global managing director at foodpanda, highlights the company’s strong growth in Asian markets driven by partnerships.

“We see a very strong growth in all our Asian markets. Cooperations with leading food chains help us to accelerate even further. Asia is a leading example for our fast movement. The positive feedback supports this view and more achievements and big partnerships are coming up. We want to provide the best choice of food to everyone and take the leading role in food delivery all across Asia at highest customer service standards.”

Foodpanda has been active in engaging partners throughout the region, after receiving a US$20 million funding from a group of investors that includes Investment AB Kinnevik and Phenomen Ventures. Now active in at least 27 countries, the Rocket Internet startup is wasting no time in its drive to become the leader in the food delivery space. A lot of people eat out or call for delivery, after all. And food is definitely one industry that will not likely run out of customers.

What could Foodpanda think of next? Delivering street food to our doorsteps?

J. Angelo Racoma

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