Former Rocket Internet executives prepare launch of Indonesia’s own beauty box business, Lolabox


Lolabox foundersTwo former Rocket Internet executives prepare to launch what they hope to be Indonesia’s first beauty box business.

Two former executives at Rocket Internet are gearing up for their launch of what they call “Indonesia’s first beauty box business”. The service, called Lolabox, was founded by Christian Sutardi and Cynthia Chaerunnisa in late 2012. Christian was previously a sales and operations manager at Rocket Internet’s Foodpanda while Cynthia handled public relations and marketing in the same company. They are currently based at FREEWARE, GRUPARA Inc’s co-working space.

According to the founders, Lolabox has secured a number of deals with several international and local brands and are planning to start opening their subscription soon. Interested users can sign up for their mailing list as the service is still under development and it only has a landing page for now. Lolabox is self-funded and the founders hope that bootstrapping their startup will help them be more efficient.

A similar service in Singapore, VanityTrove, recently acquired its Taiwanese counterpart, Glossybox, in a bid to strengthen its position in the region.

Joash Wee

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