Gaming 101 EP#02: Why Mario is timeless


This episode of e27’s short video game series explains the magic behind Nintendo’s mascot and his worldwide appeal

Are you one of the many who grew up playing Nintendo games and the Super Mario Bros. series? Of course you are! That’s how video games got popular in the first place.

This episode of e27′s Gaming 101 series explains in plain five minutes or so about why the red-and-blue big nosed plumber is popular, has worldwide appeal, and is still trending despite the change in the gaming landscape. Yes, we still play games on our mobile phones more often than usual, but there’s a part of you inside rooting for the little guy and his platforming shenanigans on a console played in your living room.

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Jonathan Toyad

If you want an elaborate answer on who would win in a fight between Ultraman and Godzilla, Jonathan Toyad is your man. A six-year veteran in the game journalism industry, he did words and videos for outlets such as GameSpot, GameAxis, IGN and Stuff.TV. Fears coyotes and scorched earths.

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