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Business  11, Dec 2013

Get your startup heard by investors on a flight

There are myriad opportunities today for startups to sell their big idea and consequently, potential businesses for investors to invest – while on a plane

The latest, most outlandish yet amazing news we’ve received is that startups can now get their pitches heard on a plane. Turkish Airlines introduced its Invest on Board programme end November, enabling investors to discover and support new businesses while they fly.

Developed for the airline in collaboration with startup incubator eTohum, the scheme will be a part of an in-flight entertainment for business class customers.

Through a video channel, passengers can browse pitches by ten new startups predominantly from Turkey, which currently includes an independent game studio, e-commerce platform, and crowd-sourced shopping guide.

This is the perfect time for investors to pay attention to presentations by potential startups as they are away from their phones and other routine tasks of the day. I mean, what could you possibly do on a plane as it’s about to take off other than watch that little tv screen in front of you?

If investors are interested in any of the startups, they will be able to retrieve your contact details one they’ve touched down.

Another airline that had a similar scheme was Virgin Atlantic. Back in 2009, it temporarily had its own in-flight channel — PitchTV, which was dedicated to giving airtime to new startups.

Now, Invest on Board has taken over and will be a set fixture for business class fliers on Virgin Atlantic.

Well, I guess in-flight service has taken on a whole new meaning. I’ll be waiting for the day that Singapore Airlines or Hong Kong Airlines implements this brilliant idea of a startup in-flight channel!

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Dewi Sriwahyuto

Dewi Sriwahyuto

A Singapore-based writer, copywriter and former journalist for both print and online, who has a fervency for moving people with words. Dewi is the digital media storyteller of Futurebooks who rehashes company secretarial content, produced by Futurebook's consultants, for the novice. She is the link between experts of the industry and first-time directors and/or startup owners, providing important information for their businesses.

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