Get to work on time and win a free ride from Uber and PayrollHero!


Following its Philippines launch, Uber has announced a new partnership with PayrollHero, offering free rides to punctual employees


Do you make it a point to reach your workplace on time every day? If so, have you ever hoped for a tangible reward for waking early, quite apart from the threat of reduced pay and/or dismissal?

Now, you could win a free ride in one of Uber’s vaunted black cars! Following Uber’s launch in the Philippines, it has partnered with PayrollHero to provide free rides to punctual employees. If your company is using PayrollHero’s employee management system, all you have to do is consistently show up for work on time!

A human resources tool to help employers and employees alike to manage work time, PayrollHero makes clocking in and out of work easy with just a snap of a photo, using facial recognition technology to identify employees. Also, it allows employers to view employee attendance at a glance, simplifying the payment of hourly wages. Other features include schedule management and analytics, which make manpower planning much less of a hassle for companies.

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Uber aims to make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for passengers and more business for drivers. Uber’s app lets users look for vehicles near them, and incorporates a rating system that allows users to leave feedback on the driver or vehicle. Its cashless payment system also makes pricing transparent, avoiding the price gouging that may be a problem for taxis in some cities.

This promotion certainly comes at at an opportune time, with Uber’s launch in the Philippines being a tad less than smooth. It will certainly be interesting to see how Uber will evolve its strategies to cater to different markets.

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  • Joseph Castro

    Sounds like a great campaign for those who respond better to incentives than threats… Might even make people happier for coming in earlier. Only thing is… Uber, really? Doubt that’s a good enough incentive. Rather get cash