GREE and IPSJ holds programming contest for young engineers

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Calling all aspiring young engineers! Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) and GREE will be holding the IPSJ International AI Programming Contest SamurAI Coding, a programming contest for young engineers.

This contest aims to revamp the entire software industry by motivating young software engineers to face new challenges in the name of science. For this contest, engineers worldwide, aged 25 and below, are eligible to apply. Interested applicants should know that they will be tested on their game engineering skills against each other and remaining teams get the chance to showcase their skills at a global level.  Involving multiple matches, each subset will be played by four teams (each consisting of three to five members). Every team will expand its territories using its own agents which are a samurai and a dog in the game.

Contest Overview

Entry qualifications: Age 25 and under (born on or later than January 1, 1987)


  • Sign up at the website of SamurAI Coding.
  • Participate in the SamurAI Coding competition via “My page”, and create a team.
  • Number of members per team: Three to Five
  • Note: (Partial) funding for travel to Tokyo is available for up to three members of teams reaching the World Finals.

Key Dates:

11 September, 2012 – Briefing session at Nanyang Polytechnic (3.00pm – 5.00pm)

12 -27 September, 2012 – Deadline for submission of AI program for qualifications

1 – 3 October, 2012 – Qualifying results released on website

About Information Processing Society of Japan

The largest society and a leading authority in information processing in Japan; it is also current a member of Academic Research Community Cooperation Science of Japan.

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