Greg Mittman, VP of MyRepublic, responds to a complaint on The Real Singapore


Mittman writes a personal letter to a customer who had shared that local fibre broadband operator MyRepublic had left him feeling cheated


When Greg Mittman, Vice President, MyRepublic got to know about a complaint being made on a local blog The Real Singapore, he responded with a personal letter to a Eugene, who said that he “felt cheated” and “utterly disappointed”. Eugene had claimed that he was a “victim of MyRepublic 1Gbps fibernet promotion”.

This is the original contribution from Eugene on The Real Singapore:

Dear The Real Singapore,

I am writing in as a victim of MyRepublic 1Gbps fibernet promotion and hope fellow Singaporeans are aware what they are signing up for.

I signed up for MyRepublic’s Ultra 1Gbps plan in mid January, 2 days after the promotion started. Though is stated for first 10,000 customers only, it seems like the promotion is still on going till now at the IT show.

When I signed up, I was told MyRepublic would start calling customers for installation from 3rd week of Feb, as opposed to other service providers which would immediately arrange for appointment date. I didn’t smell a fish back then and agreed to wait. Till the end of 3rd week of feb, I called in , and was told “from next week onward”, I patiently waited for another week. By end of feb, I checked with the online help and was told the company would get back to my by 5pm on the same day, but the call didn’t came in. Given the benefit of doubts that MyRepublic staff is busy at the IT show, I waited. I checked online, and realized there are many like me who are in the same situation, signed up and waiting indefinitely.

At midnight 1 march, the email from MyRepublic autogenerated and emailed to me. Yes it is telling me finally the installation would be in march. Again, no exact dates, was told to wait for call. But that’s not the alarming part. The alarming news is, it is actually for Beta Test! I almost fainted. Since when did I  signed up for a beta test? Now things become clear. The 1Gbps plans is only about to start beta test phase, it is not a released service yet! Is it fair for MyRepublic to cheat customers this way and get the competitive edge over other service provider for a service that is not available get? I am considered lucky, some others that also signed up in January 2014, was told to wait till Q3 2014 for installation without being offered beta test phase.

I felt cheated, I didn’t sign up for a internet service that would only be installed in a few months time, neither did I sign up for a beta test phase. You can say technically they are not wrong, all they promised is “installation to be 3rd week of feb onwards”‘, the catch word is onwards. But it would be unfair for them to abuse this trust and get customers to wait for up to 6 months for the installation! What I signed up for is supposed to be a released service. This is totally not mentioned in any advertisement nor communication to customers upon signing up. Isn’t this a bleach of contract? I’ve since called and emailed to MyRepublic to demand for free termination of service application and currently pending their reply.

I am utterly disappointed with MyRepublic for using such low handed sales gimmick to trick potential customers. Upon signing up with any service provider for fibernet, make sure you check on the exact dates for installation. I just came back from the IT Show, other service providers can provide the exact dates for installation on the spot. (Sic)


TRS Contributor

This is Mittman’s personal letter to Eugene:

Hello there,

My name is Greg Mittman and I’m the VP of MyRepublic. First of all, allow me to thank e27 for giving us the chance to set the story straight and to sincerely apologize to Eugene for the disappointment caused.

My understanding is that there was a miscommunication between Eugene and our sales staff on the floor, which led to his expectation of a call-back in late February and an earlier installation.

Our 1Gbps rollout has always been planned for March — as indicated on our flyers and on our website (see attached images). We have started calling up our very first customers for their 1Gbps installations and will continue to do so.

We understand that everyone wants their 1Gbps @ $49.99 as soon as possible — we do too! We only ask for your understanding that with thousands who have signed up, in the first few days even, customers may not be called up as quickly as they would like.

To clear up any confusion, our first 1 Gbps sign-ups can look forward to a March installation. However, due to strong demand, even some who have signed up in late January may have their installations slide into April. This affects the migration of existing MyRepublic customers as well. We have tripled resources to expedite things along — 1Gbps will be worth it, I assure you.

As to another point which I am afraid there’s been some confusion: our 1Gbps “Beta” refers to the activation of our first 200 customers. “Beta” will last only a week and its purpose is to help us gather feedback to better optimize the online experience for everyone. I’m afraid Eugene may have misunderstood this as us offering him a sub-standard or unstable product. This was definitely not our intention. Our network is up and he will be provided a 1Gbps connection.

Again, I would like to sincerely apologize to Eugene for not getting the few points across clearly. We will welcome him on our 1Gbps network this month.

For the rest of our customers who have signed up: thank you for giving us your support. 1Gbps — the fastest broadband in the world — is coming for everyone and we’re absolutely excited for it. We know you are too and hope to do Singapore proud with truly world class internet connectivity. (Sic)

Another Real Singaporean,

Here are the images attached in the mail:


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  • Ying Chuin

    Good Guy Greg

  • AlbertS

    I had the same experience, i signed up this 1GB plan on mid Jan and they told that they will call me on Feb for the installation arrangement, they did called on Feb and told me the installation would be on mid of March, later they called me on 3 March and told me that the installation will be on mid of April, i was quite frustrated that why do we need to wait for so long to install a fiber service? i told them that i need a exalt date if not i would like to cancel.

    At the 2nd day, i received an SMS from MyRepublic that they had cancelled my order request.

    This is called World Class service?? i am another one of customer that utterly disappointed with MyRepublic!

  • Donny Dialup

    I don’t have any issues about pricing or any promotional offer, but I signed up online without any warning of a 90-day delay. What people should know is that there is a cancellation penalty if you get fed-up waiting. In other developed countries, there are rules around disclosure in advertising and service-based businesses. Perhaps there may be a class-action suit here. All we want is the service Greg. In any other business, demand prompts hiring and training of more staff in an expansion plan. The fact that my building is fibre ready and I am in a queue suggests a significant flaw in the business plan Greg. I’m surprised the government even let you compete with SingTel and StarHub. You are simply giving them ammunition to shut you down. Disappointed.

  • ANTHONI1981

    I also signed up with my republic last February 2014 but just now the sales lady call me and I informed her to cancel my subscription. She told me that My Republic will charge S$297.00?!!!! I told her that I will complain to IDA & CASE.

  • MP – FON

    This is the worst company in SG! I have subscribed their service for 1gb during January fair at Takshimaya. They Promise that the installation will be up in March2014. Half way passed 2014 and This Company is Full of Excuses and fixed appt today (12/6/14) to do the installation at 9am to 1pm. They never Turn up and I called the Company and they just tell me appt is cancelled. They never even make effort to notify me with email or telephone call.

    MyRepublic is FON company. ( Full of Nonsense.)

  • Chaz

    I have been a MYREPUBLIC Subscriber for the last 2 years in Singapore and I must say my experience HAD been a good one. Unfortunately the operative word here is “HAD”.

    In the last 2 weeks, when my contract was up and I decided to “UPGRADE” my service from the 300MB to 1GB link and it was a mistake! My experience had be disappointing and horrendous to say the least! I was told that this was just a 5 min swap of the modem and they will be done… unfortunately this turn out to …be a 2 week downtime instead!!!

    They reasoned the link was not working, then the link was terminated in error and when finally after 6 days of downtime, they manage to get it to work but only to have it die again in a day! This 5 min “UPGRADE” has turned out to be a 2 week “ONGOING DOWNGRADE” fiasco for me with NO END in sight!

    I have NO IDEA what is going on with the service quality of this company but it has definitely DEGRADED and I am sure that MYREPUBLIC is dropping the ball! As a provider of a service – this is not something that should be tolerated and at this point I would NOT RECOMMEND this service to ANYONE!!!

  • cecilia

    Hi,All this is Mrs.King.
    Our Company is for those specialist to do patching team for this issue if,your modem is weak we able to resolve your problem. Lots of our Customers service their told us that now,they able to serve their network point friendly and more happy. Our service is not too expensive and it must be depend of the location. All tuose under Singtel,Starhub, M1 or Myrepublic network points we able to help all you guys.We have IDA License and we oso do those office Server Room as well and Others. …..
    If you interested please do give me a call at 9229 1321.

  • Cecilia

    Hi,Gd Evening this is Mrs.King would u like, e to share with me what happen to your Modem? When serve your network do u face an problem.

  • Ats

    Dear my republic, I signed up your service. No news from u all for2 weeks. I called up and u said u never received the application. Hence I told the officer Getz to cancel, she said the sales team will call me back but nobody called back. But today I got billed for 50 dollars when you guys “did not receive” my application. I tried calling the lines again, nobody picked up. No email no reply. MY REPUBLIC is a SCAM. I will complain to the small claims court, IDA and mp until someone response to me now. My direct line is 81o22215

  • yours truly

    Ala, lanjiao one la myrepublic. When i tried to sign up for a netflix account, jesus christ, i was told to google for a US Zipcode and pass it off as mine on the signup page to gain access to netflix. If its in myrepublic’s network, and myrepublic has officially partnered with all the Teleport listed websites, this wouldnt have happen!

    Whats more, i didnt manage to signup for anything at all, neither can i watch it. Tried until fedup. Googled for a oregon property for sale as suggested by community members suggestion stated in the article.

    Really???! So in the end i still have to pay right?

  • yours truly again