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News  29, May 2014

Half of the top 10 high earners in eSports this year are Asian

Two South Koreans, three Chinese, and one Malaysian make up half of the pro-gaming top 10 in 2014; South Korea still ranks the highest in country earnings

Asia’s current eSports top earner for 2014, sOs, celebrating his win at the 2013 Red Bull Battle Grounds StarCraft II tournament.
Image credit: Ready Up Gaming

The world of video game eSports is a possibly lucrative one if you’re referring to tournaments like The Internationals or that League of Legends bout for this year. Provided that we’re talking about South Korea and China, it seems that playing video games on a high professional level can do wonders for bank accounts.

According to an eSports earnings listings, the current top earning players from Asian countries are Yoo Jin Kim (sOs), Sung Wook Joo (Zest), Zengrong Lei (MMY!), Zhilei Xu (BurNIng), Yee Fung Chai (Mushi) and Zhicheng Zhang (LaNm).

So far, the highest earning player of 2014 (in total for the year) is South Korea’s sOs with US$103,794, followed by South Korea’s Zest with US$73,949. Both players play the latest version of StarCraft II on a competitive level.

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China players MMY! and BurNIng earned a yearly total of US$59,338. While both DOTA 2 players are considered tied,  MMY! is placed higher due to his total overall earnings beating BurNIng’s total.

Malaysian DOTA 2 player Mushi also earned US$59,338 for the year, with his total overall earnings being US$137,304. Chinese DOTA 2 player also earned the same amount in 2014, but earned US$128,220 in overall earnings.

So where is Singapore on this top 10 list? Well, turns out the country just missed the mark: StarCraft II/DOTA 2 player Koh Pei Xiang (iceiceice) earned US$59,338 for the year and earned US$109,922 for his overall.

The takeaway to all this is that South Korea’s scene is still thriving and treats the activity as a serious sport, TV broadcastings and all. It’s still the top country with the highest eSports earnings that is worth US$18,132,619 featuring 847 pro gamers.

China seems to be trailing behind, thanks to DOTA 2 and League of Legends being incredibly popular thanks to online providers like Perfect World and Tencent. The rest of Asia still has a long way to go however.

Jonathan Toyad

Jonathan Toyad

If you want an elaborate answer on who would win in a fight between Ultraman and Godzilla, Jonathan Toyad is your man. A six-year veteran in the game journalism industry, he did words and videos for outlets such as GameSpot, GameAxis, IGN and Stuff.TV. Fears coyotes and scorched earths.

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