If you hate Flappy Bird, try the more sadistic Squishy Bird


If Flappy Bird is insanely hard, its parody web title Squishy Bird might just be the game for you. But don’t blink when it turns bloody


Think Flappy Bird is difficult? Well, you’re not alone. Before you smash your phone along with that annoying virtual avian creature (read: monster) created by Vietnamese developer Nguyen Ha Dong, check this out.

The web-based parody, Squishy Bird, allows players to squash the birds with the pipes they were supposed to evade from. They get to control the vertical movement of the pipe with their mouse. The game is over when the birds manage to fly to the other end of the screen and disappear into oblivion.

However, it is rather sadistic and gruesome as the birds turn into bloody pulp when squashed by the green pipes. Players can also share their scores on Facebook. How many more parodies of Flappy Bird will we get to see?

Check out our game of Squishy Bird below:

Elaine Huang

Elaine is a fervent believer that if there ever is a zombie apocalypse, we will all be snapping away at them with our phones and posting them onto Instagram. A Mass Communication graduate of Ngee Ann Polytechnic's School of Film and Media Studies, she enjoys writing about technology and entrepreneurs. When not hashtagging her way through all sorts of trouble, Elaine is probably contemplating how to write in the third person.

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  • frustratedgamer

    Squishy Bird is so much better than Flappy Bird. But honestly, come on… we need to come up with better games to kill time. :/

  • AnChi

    1920 points!! GIVE ME A HELL YEAH!!!!!


    I CAN’T PLAY The game

  • jecht83

    Smash the Bird is a different and colorful option