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21, Jun 2011

Majapahit Online: a Facebook game with a history lesson

Majapahit Online is a Facebook game app developed by Anantarupa Studios that was released on June 11. Unlike other casual games, however, this game has a goal of educating players about Indonesia’s historical and cultural heritage.

Its name is derived from the Majapahit kingdom, which was the dominant force in the South East Asian region from 1293–1527.

The game’s full story is based on a novel titled Senopati Terakhir written by Setyo Wardoyo.

Majapahit Online distinguishes itself from Nusantara Online, Indonesia’s popular Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) by emphasizing its historical and patriotic angle, and is built purely as a Facebook app.

Goutama Bachtiar

Goutama Bachtiar

Goutama is a Technologist, Consultant, Trainer, Writer & Courseware Developer mostly in enterprise space. Having written for a number of other outlets on technology and business, he is fascinated with Tech Investment and Social Tech. The e27 Senior Contributing Writer based in Jakarta counts travel, culture, culinary, coffee and soccer among his myriad interests.

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