Indonesia-based DapurMasak receives funding from CookPad


With the vision to introduce culinary world in Indonesia, DapurMasak has received considerable funding from Japan-based CookPad


When Soeginato Widjaya founded Indonesian recipe sharing network, DapurMasak, Japan-based CookPad was his inspiration. Now, the inspiration has become DapurMasak’s partner and propelled it onto the global scene. As the winner of SparxUp in 2012, DapurMasak has a similar vision as CookPad, which is to introduce the culinary world in Indonesia through the internet.

DapurMasak has received an undisclosed amount of funding from CookPad, which has lead to it being touted as one of ‘CookPad’s family members’.

According to an official release, DapurMasak will use the funds to support CookPad’s global mission, which is to spread the spirit of cooking and enjoyable culinary experiences all around the world. The relationship will help tap into the global market.

Developed by Aki Sano, a digital entrepreneur from Japan, CookPad has received a lot of international praise. It has already acquired several culinary startups such as Mis Recetas and AllTheCooks from America.

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Furthermore, the investment means that DapurMasak can synergise with its sister companies to emphasise and strengthen its status as one of the best culinary startups in Indonesia.

According to StartUpBisnis, Cookpad has a very organised monetisation system. The advertisements on the website are placed strategically with the content that is being presented. In that way, it does not annoy users when they are browsing for recipes. DapurMasak can adopt a similar approach. Hopefully, it will help DapurMasak emulate CookPad’s success.

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