Indonesia’s Doku partners PayPal to offer merchants cross-border transaction capabilities


Doku PayPal partnershipDoku, Indonesia’s local payment solution provider, has secured a strategic partnership with PayPal and can now offer its merchants better cross-border transaction capabilities.

Indonesian tech blog, Dailysocial, announced today that local payment solution provider Doku has secured a partnership with online payment giant PayPal. The partnership will enable Doku’s merchants to be able to accept payments via PayPal on top of its existing partnerships with six local banks.

As e-commerce continues to grow in Indonesia, PayPal sees the need to strengthen its presence in the country through partnerships with local companies. The Doku-PayPal partnership will see merchants only needing to add Doku’s payment services to their website to access a wide range of payment options.

Merchants will also be able to benefit from the partnership as PayPal’s international offering allows these merchants to reach customers beyond Indonesia’s border. Doku’s CEO, Thong Sennelius, mentioned in a company statement, “We want to best accommodate our merchants to do cross-border transactions with their customers all over the world. Paypal is a global payment company, and we believe that this will further build the trust from our merchants.”

Image credits: Dailysocial

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