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News  18, Jun 2014

[Infographic] AdNear: Australian shoppers prefer to shop on Thursday


New insights from location-based Big Data firm AdNear also show that Australian men and women shop for groceries equally

When is the best day of the week for an Australian store to open? According to Big Data firm AdNear it’s Thursday, when most people go out to shop in Australia’s big cities, whether for groceries or for general merchandise.

To gather information and generate these insights, AdNear uses mobile tracking, identifying the location of users by pinpointing signal levels from mobile devices without the use of GPS or personally identifiable information. Its insights can then be used by companies — from retailers to mobile apps — to better understand consumer behaviour, refining their marketing efforts.

AdNear’s research was conducted between February and April this year among 300,000 mobile users in five cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. The study tracked shopping habits of homemakers, professionals, the affluent and students based on their location data to form behaviour insights. Below are a few interesting ones:

  • Thursday evenings are the top choice for Australian shoppers
  • Nearly same number of men and women shop for groceries
  • Homemakers shop the most – both grocery and general retail
  • Apart from Thursdays, general retail shoppers in Melbourne and Sydney also hit stores on Sundays
  • Adelaide was the only city that witnessed more men than women grocery shopping

For more information, check out the full infographic below, and click on it for full view:

AdNear Australia Shopper Behaviour research - infographic - 17 June

Image Credit: ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock

Terence Ng

Terence Ng

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