Japanese chat app LINE launches ‘Singapore Special’ stickers


LINE wants more engagement from Singaporean users with special stickers featuring colloquial terms such as ‘bojio’ and ‘diam’


In a bid to win over more engagement in Singapore, Japan-based chat app LINE has launched a free set of stickers for users in the city-state. Named ‘Singapore Moon Special’, the stickers feature Moon, one of the four original mascots, with various colloquial terms.

The firm has been rather optimistic about Singapore, having set up its pop up store last month. It has also been organising giveaways through its mobile platform.

A spokesperson from LINE told e27 that the company intends to collaborate with local brands for future lucky draws, sticker packs and gift events.

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LINE's Singapore Moon Special

LINE’s Singapore Moon Special

Elaine Huang

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  • Amy

    Just a comment on the mention “Japan-based chat app” in your article. From what I know, LINE is a chatting app created by a Korean company NHN, which is widely popular in Japan.

  • Elaine Huang

    Actually, LINE was developed by NHN Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of NHN. In addition, LINE Corporation is a Japan-based company; it was founded in Japan. Hope that clarifies.