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Business  13, Dec 2013

Korean skincare brand BRTC gets exclusive site for Indonesia customers

Founder of beauty and health websites, Denny Santoso, has now launched brtc.co.id to cater to the huge demand for Korean skincare brand BRTC in Indonesia

Indonesians are not just big fans of Korean Wave — a phenomenon of Korean entertainment and popular culture rolling over the world with pop music, TV dramas, and movies — but are big consumers of Korean beauty products too. Keeping the demand in mind, Denny Santoso, the founder of beauty websites Beautiplan, BeautyTreats, and Fellinshop, and fitness & health portal Duniafitness, has now partnered with Korean skincare brand BRTC to sell its products to Indonesian customers through brtc.co.id.

“Working on Fellinshop for one year, I found that Indonesian women are quite interested with Korean skincare products and cosmetics. Here is why, focusing on a single brand (that is BRTC), into one online retail will help to scale the market largely,” said Santoso.

The site is in Bahasa language and is not to be confused with the English and Korean versions, which are operated by BRTC itself and cater to the North American and Korean audience respectively.

Brand BRTC (Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetic) is a brand owned by AMI Cosmetic that has more than 1,000 skin care clinics and laboratories in Korea

BRTC Indonesia currently has 15 15 skin care products. having said that the site hasn’t tied up with any payment gateway yet and payments can be done through direct transfers in the name of “Lawrence Denny Santoso”, the account details of which are provided at the Check Out.

Santoso has plans to take the BRTC store offline to by 2015. Having about 14 years of experience in the beauty and health retail sector, the CEO and Founder is confident that BRTC will do well in Indonesia. “With a high number of returning costumers on Fellinshop, I see that they are loyal to the brands/products and brtc.co.id will do well,” he concluded.

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Christine Siagian

Christine Siagian

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