Korea’s first computer museum to open at the end of July


Thanks to the chairman of Nexon, Kim Jung-ju, Korea will soon see its first computer museum opened this month.


Korea’s first museum dedicated to computers and gaming is set to open at the end of this month.

Called “Nexon Computer Museum” (NCM), Nexon’s investment into the museum is estimated at KRW 15 billion (US$13 million). For 10 years, the Nexon chairman has been collecting these valuable items with an ambition and goal to build a computer museum in Korea.

The museum is:

  • 2,445 square meters big; and
  • has four levels that showcase approximately 1,800 items, ranging from a first-generation Apple computer to collectible classic arcade games.
  • At Jeju Island.

Chairman and founder of Nexon, Kim Jung-ju said: “Our goal is to reinstate the concept of computer and game as a form of culture in order to preserve and celebrate the rich history of technological development.”

Kim Jong-hyun, director of business planning at NXC said: “By opening the nation’s first computer museum here in Jeju, we hope to contribute not only to the local economy and culture but also to the process of realizing the creative economy on the national level. [...] Jejudo Island is growing rapidly with an array of both governmental and private initiatives. Our presence here as Korea’s leading company in software development and the gaming industry will help invite more foreign investment, invigorate tourism and contribute in making the island Asia’s technological epicenter.”

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Featured Image Credit: Nexon


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