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Business  30, May 2014

Malaysian e-commerce flash sales platform Bazaarita launches today


Bazaarita states its objective is to connect local brands and designers with domestic consumers in Malaysia, by partnering with bazaars and events

Bazaarita, marketing itself as Malaysia’s first e-commerce website specialising in online and on-ground flash sales, announced the official launch of its website today. Bazaarita states its objective is to connect local brands and designers with domestic consumers in Malaysia, by partnering with bazaars and events.

Targeting both millennials and older generations of consumers, Bazaarita says the deals it offers are mostly product-based, focussing on fashion, beauty products, gadgets and household goods. It also includes local services, food and beverages, social activities and travel packages, though these services compose a smaller part of its product focus. But what sets Bazaarita apart from competing flash sale sites such as Groupon, Living Social and Dealmates already operating in the Malaysian e-commerce market?

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Hafiz Zulkiflee, the General Manager of Bazaarita, was quoted as saying:

“We are fully aware of the fierce competition that we are about to face. However, we are ready to face this challenge head-on with the resources that we have. Our target audience is a young and niche market. It will not be easy but we will persevere and make ourselves known to Malaysia. Our goal is to grow with our merchants, to give exposure to deserving young talents, to make Malaysia one of the top social and fashion hubs in Southeast Asia.”

What seems to be Bazaarita’s differentiator is a keen focus on partnerships with local merchants and vendors. Aside from offering cash-on-delivery (COD) services, Bazaarita is partnering with local businesses, designers and retailers to build its brand through bazaars and flea markets serving local residents. As the flash sales market heats up in the e-commerce sector, this strategy might be key to Bazaarita’s potential.

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Shiwen Yap

Shiwen Yap

Shiwen is passionate about exploring science, technology and entrepreneurship ideas and is an avid advocate of open source technologies and methodologies.

  • Ck Yap

    Bazaarita link typo, leads to 404, @ShiWen

  • Ck Yap

    That was fast. Cool.

  • Shiwen

    Hi CK

    Thank you for pointing out the error. I made a mistake in the hyperlink.It reads as wwww.bazaarita.com.my, resulting in the 404. It should be http://www.bazaarita.com.my/

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