Matchmaker NoonSwoon is 2nd top grossing lifestyle app on App Store


NoonSwoon rolled out their revenue model a week ago and now, they’re a rank away from being Thai App Store’s top grossing lifestyle app.

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Remember NoonSwoon? It’s a free matchmaking app which focuses on linking you up love interests whom you have mutual friends in common with. Only available in Thailand right now, they have crossed 25,000 downloads and see 1,000 new users every day. Furthermore, yesterday, co-founder Peter Panas shared that they are now the second top grossing lifestyle app on the Thai App Store.

Their current revenue model, which has only been rolled out for a brief week, is to provide premium services to their users. A quick search revealed that their top in-app purchases are:

  1. 100 credits package at US$7.99.
  2. 10 credits package at US$0.99.
  3. 1000 credits package at US$49.99.

Other co-founder Kavin “Mickey” Asavanant said that credits can be used to “like” someone, which indicates interest from your end, and find out who the mutual friends are. I find that by knowing who your mutual friends are, you are able to rid the possibility that your date might be a serial killer. Conversation might even go like this: “Hey, do you know about her?” “Yeah, she’s a psycho.”

In all seriousness, when will they make their way out of Thailand? Peter added that they have launched an Android version earlier this month and are looking to enter Singapore soon. Through an email interview, he also stated that they are aiming to be the top dating company in Southeast Asia to help millions of singles find love.


Note: NoonSwoon hit #2 but its rank fluctuated up and down for a while. At time of writing, it stands within top 10 of all top grossing lifestyle apps in Thailand.

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  • Mickey Asavanant

    Thanks a lot for writing about us Elaine! We appreciate your kind support very much! Just a couple tweaks, we will sail to Singapore soooon!

  • Elaine Huang

    Hi Mickey! Would love to see how Singaporeans react to NoonSwoon. :)

  • Mohan Belani

    Why the interest in coming to Singapore?

  • vinnie

    kickass, #2!

  • Peter Panas

    We want to help singles in Singapore find the love of their life. Loneliness transcends broders, it’s not a problem limited to Thailand.