Metaps launches zero commission online payment service SPIKE in closed beta


How can you ease the process of online payments with a link? Check out Japanese company Metaps’s newest product!


Japanese monetisation platform for Android developers Metaps announced yesterday that it had launched its online payment credit service SPIKE in closed beta. Users, usually merchants, can create links to products, and send or receive payments through any web-based platform.

The service stands out for two reasons; firstly, it does not require any sort of installation, and secondly, there are no additional setup fees, monthly charges or commission fees.

Compatible for use on smartphones, tablets and other internet-connected devices, SPIKE targets individual and small business owners who avoid online payment services, no thanks to hassles like “background checks, high commission rates, and difficulty of installation”.

Even though the plan is free for now, things might soon change. The official statement noted that SPIKE will start the beta release with a “Free Plan” for a limited number of users with monthly transactions capped at US$10,000. However, in the future, there is a high possibility of a paid “Premium Plan” which comes with no limit on monthly sales.

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Even though Metaps has offices in the US, Singapore, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, usage in Singapore seemed to be unavailable at the time of writing this report.

For the record, the company had secured US$11 million in a Series B round to secure top talent and expand to other countries.

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