MOLPay launches in-page payment feature


The feature enables users to make a purchase straight away from the merchant page without the need to open the transaction page


Malaysia-based online payment service provider, MOLPay, has introduced a new feature called ‘in-page’ payment, which enables users to make a purchase straight away from the merchant page without the need to open the transaction page.

According to an official release, this new feature will make sure that users’ online transactions go smoothly. MOLPay took into account the safety of transactions during the development stage, easing customer concerns. Convenience is paramount for customer delight and that is what this new initiative is all about, added the release.

From the merchants’ point of view, ‘in-page’ payment will encourage users to purchase more due to the convenience it offers. It will prove to be beneficial for the online payment service provider, customers, and merchants.

MOLPay and the online gaming industry

Secure 1-click service, provided by MOLPay, has been a success in helping numerous game studios, with several of them raking up additional profit of as much as 25 per cent, with successful transaction rate of 93 per cent and decrease in the number of abandoned shopping carts by 25 per cent.

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In Indonesia, MOLPlay continues to concentrate on providing services for the online game industry. Country Manager of MOL Indonesia, Patrick Setiawan, during a previous interview, had said that online gaming is the fastest growing industry in the country and offers the best market opportunity for the kind of business that MOLPay is doing.

MOLPay’s decision to acquire AyoPay and developing the aforementioned ‘in-page’ payment feature shows that online payment service provider sees a huge opportunity that can be leveraged with the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia.

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