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Investment  22, Apr 2014

How much is Perfect World investing in Shanda Games?

A whopping US$100 million, all for the sake of purchasing 30.3 million shares of the Dragon Nest SEA publisher

The publisher behind the MMO Perfect World will be investing in Shanda Games. Image credit: Perfect World

Shanghai-based company Shanda Games is attracting the attention of bigwig publisher Perfect World, as well as a slew of others.

Perfect World announced that it will set aside US$100 million in cash to buy 30.3 million shares in Shanda Games. The latter is known for publishing games such as MapleStory and Ragnarok Online in China. Perfect World said that the agreement will go through in a month’s time.

Furthermore, the company will join a consortium of corporations looking to take over ownership of Shanda Games and make it private. The consortium previously offered to buy Shanda Games’ share at US$3.45 apiece for either class A or class B type shares back in January of this year. The companies involved include Shanda Interactive Entertainment (Shanda Games’ current shareholder) and Primavera Capital. This puts Shanda Games’ total value at US$1.9 billion. The company has yet to respond to the share price offer.

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Perfect World isn’t making its investments and future plans secret. Its launch of DOTA 2 propelled its revenue to lofty heights, while the firm stated publicly that it will expand its publishing office with future partnerships and company investments.

Jonathan Toyad

Jonathan Toyad

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