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Technology  12, Dec 2013

Music discovery app Soundwave launches YouTube sync feature


Irish Music Discovery application Soundwave goes beyond audio; now enables users to sync music that they play on YouTube to their Soundwave account

You can search the nearest ATMs, hotels, pubs and even doctors. But what do you do when you want to know what kind of music is being played in your locality or any other location? You make an account on Soundwave.

Soundwave, a music discovery application designed by a startup in Dublin helps users to tune into to what people are grooving to by tracing a circle with their fingers on a map on their mobile screens. The application allows users to explore a new world of music and at the same time share with the world what they are listening to.

Taking the proposition of music discovery a step ahead, Soundwave now allows users sync the songs that they view on YouTube as well to their Soundwave account.

“We noticed a lot of younger people did not have extensive MP3 collections stored on their hard drives and they don’t have credit cards to purchase streaming subscriptions – and that they used YouTube instead as their one stop shop for music consumption,” explained Brendan O’Driscoll, Founder and CEO, Soundwave.

O’Driscoll shared with e27 that there are two main reasons for introducing the YouTube feature in the application. First that it was largely demanded by the users and second, it was the first step outside of capturing pure audio music and into video capturing too.

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But how does Soundwave benefit from it? The company now gets access to younger demography that uses YouTube like streaming services.

Users can connect their YouTube accounts to Soundwave. Music played on YouTube through desktop and mobile can be synced. Also, when a song from YouTube appears on their activity feed in Soundwave, they can view the full video directly from the activity feed.

The YouTube feature will also have very stringent filters so as to make sure only music content finds its way to Soundwave. “If you watch a YouTube video of a cat falling out of a tree, that won’t sync across but if you watch a music video – that will,” explained O’Driscoll.

Soundwave was launched in 2013 and has raised $1.5 million to date from ACT Venture Capital, Mark Cuban and several other angel investors from Europe and the US.

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