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News  14, Nov 2012

Updated: Music streaming services in Asia, the breakdown


woman listening to music on headphonesWorking with a music industry source, e27 looks to give an overview of music streaming services in Asia.

With a huge range of music streaming services available worldwide, we thought it would be a good thing to breakdown some of the key services in Asia and potential entrants. While Spotify is not yet available, the widespread use in Europe and North America puts the service as one to keep an eye out for.

Working with a music industry source based in Taiwan, we uncovered some interesting information on some of the music streaming services available.

About a month ago, Microsoft announced that their own service, Xbox Music, will be available with Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. Our source tells us that music label companies on the service can expect to see a pro-rata share for labels pool at about 47 to 50 percent for subscription services and about 40 to 43 percent for free services. Scan and match services will see a revenue share of about 57 to 60 percent for music labels on Xbox Music.

Comparing Xbox Music and Spotify with other key service in Asia such as Deezer, SingTel Amped and Wowloud, we hope to give music lovers an overview of what is happening in the music streaming space and hopefully identify some of the key game changers. The information is a combination of publicly available statistics and some insider information from our source. If you have more information, or believe that there is an updated number to what we have, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Music Streaming Service Comparison
Deezer KKBOX Spotify Xbox Music SingTel Amped Wowloud
Library Size 18 million 10 million 18 – 20 million 30 million 2 – 3 million 1 – 2 million
Coverage >100 countries Taiwan / Japan / Hong Kong 15 countries 15 countries Singapore Malaysia
Business Model Freemium in over 150 countries Paid only Freemium Freemium (West) /Paid only (Asia) Bundled/Paid only Freemium
User Base 6 – 7 million <500K 15 million (4 million paying) N/A <300K <10K
Monthly Active Users* 3.3 million 280K 23.7 million N/A N/A N/A
Facebook Connect Yes Yes Yes N/A No Yes
Physical Presence in Asia Thailand Taiwan / Japan / Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong (Hiring) Singapore Malaysia
Access Browser/ Mobile Mobile Desktop Client/ Mobile / Browser Desktop Client/ Mobile/ Xbox Mobile  Desktop Client/ Mobile

*Monthly Active Users’ figure from AppData may be overstated.

It will be interesting to see how the music streaming wars play out. Key changes to look out for would be Spotify’s entrance into the Southeast Asian region. What will large corporations like Google, Apple and Amazon do with their own services and how will it affect the smaller players?

Image credits: Favim

Jacky Yap

Jacky Yap

Having spent one year abroad in Shanghai under the NUS Overseas College Programme, Jacky has an avid interest in entrepreneurship and web based startups. Jacky used to run N-House, Singapore's first entrepreneurial themed residence in NUS, and was also part of the organizing team for Startup Weekend Singapore 2012. You can reach him at jacky [at] e27 [dot] co

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